Rome Art Week 2018

Rome Art Week 2018

Quest'anno RAW si svolgerà dal 22 al 27 ottobre 2018

The third edition of RAW is in preparation, the event that every year offer to the public a real overview of contemporary art in the city of Rome through events in exhibition spaces, open studio of professional artists and cultural projects that will take place for six days from 22 to 27 October 2018.

RAW is an annual event with the aim of building a network between exhibition structures, artists, critics and art curators. The events will be organized by galleries and exhibition spaces that will invite the public to show the state of the art and offering their perspective of contemporary art.

During Rome Art Week in the open studios it will be possible to discover the genesis of works of art with the presence of the artist who opens the doors of the private studio to the public. Visitors will be able to satisfy the curiosity related to the artistic work and everything that led to the birth of the works, establishing a dialogue capable of fully understanding the essence of the works.

During the week you can visit the exhibition projects designed ad hoc by curators, artists and operators in the sector that can take place not only in canonical structures but also in atypical spaces of the territory.

During the six days of the event, numerous guided tours will be organized, which will be a real journey into the heart of contemporary art through the events. Each route will have a dedicated page on the website, an interactive map, a calendar and booking options.

To guide the public through the multitude of events available, well-known critics, curators and operators in the sector will provide their point of view on participants and events outlining homogeneous paths and highlighting the excellence of the event.

The portal offers a mapping of the different artistic realities that operate in the city of Rome allowing members to present their structure to the public throughout the year. for the public is an entrance door that allows its opening whenever you want to satisfy the desire for art.

All the public and private exhibition structures (Galleries, Foundations, Institutions, Cultural Associations, Academies and Institutes, both Italian and foreign), with headquarters in Rome and that operate continuously in the contemporary art sector, can participate in RAW. During the RAW week they can organise one or more events to promote their exhibitions.

The structures can be grouped into free consortia, to give a unified image and sharing of one or more events.

The professional artists who will propose an open studio will be present on the Rome Art Week website with the biographical card and photos of their works.

Curators, artists and institutions will be able to organize an exhibition project created ad hoc for the event.

Registration for RAW 2018, starting from 1 May 2018, will be done by filling out the application form available on the website Participants can manage their own page, events, galleries.

Participation in RAW is totally free of charge and events with an entrance fee are not allowed.