Rome Art Week 2017

We decided to create the Rome Art Week to respond to a simple consideration, it wasn’t there

The new edition will take place from 9 to 14 October 2017, we are working on it!

RAW is a collaborative project, totally independent and not for profit in order to valorize contemporary art in Rome, for which, to date, the inscriptions of 120 structures, 33 projects and 278 artists, artists, have been accepted.

This year the points of view that will help you to choose your routes are: Alberto Dambruoso, Angelo Bellobono, Claudio Strinati, Daniela Fonti, Giovanni Albanese, Helia Hamedani, Maria Giovanna Musso, Micol Di Veroli, Paolo Balmas, Raffaele Gavarro, Roberto Gramiccia, Saverio Verini, Silvano Manganaro, Tiziana D'Acchille, Valentino Catricalà, Wonderlust..


Galleries and Institutions

In the first edition of Rome Art Week, 124 galleries and institutions took part and organized one or more events (even by invitation) to present their vision of contemporary art to the public. They had their own complete card and it was independent from the event cards, Some structures joined together into free consorts, having a private home page with a personalized presentation, map and calendar of events.


The deadline for registration expired on 15 September, after which only applications from institutions, structures that received the mail on the grace period and artists participating in approved projects will be accepted.

The participation to RAW is completely free and entry to the events will be free.