Lorenzo Cappella

Dati e contatti

Born in Ancona (1999), lives and works in Rome Being a visual artist, I mostly work with painting. I’m interested in whatever evokes in me an inner movement, what I call sensation, that inevitably becomes an impulse for deeper investigation. My subjects are all the situations, inner and outer, that I lived, and that through memory, still feel alive. A subject could be a figure, a landscape, a self-portrait, it’s not relevant. What’s interesting for me is always beyond the surface, it’s the true reality of what I’m investigating. Painting for me is the most valid tool to discover the reality, inside and around me. It’s like disassembling or breaking an object apart to explore its contents and find out how it’s made. My study is aimed at the visible world, and since the reality we know is the one created through our eyes, painting is the most useful tool to connect the subject and object, to combine subjectivity and objectivity.

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