Lucrezia Testa Iannilli

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Lucrezia Testa Iannilli (Roma 1977)

Photographer and performer works using interdisciplinary tools. She defines the processes of her research practices by intervening with installations and performance cycles in decontextualising spaces, using the human and animal body to create cognitive dissonances. The series of works he investigates take as their starting point the reflection on ethical innovation, starting from the observation of the already bionic post-human, which leads the vision to boldly anticipate the times.

He is currently pursuing the long-term work ‘A Pure Formality’, reiterating the concept of becoming a channel; a transversal investigation of weaknesses and criticalities in the art sector especially with regard to the relational sphere, the poetics of recommendation and the concept of meta-mythology associated with post-human bureaucracy.

Lucrezia began with language studies and then devoted herself to the equestrian world. She rst moved to Switzerland and then to Canada in Montreal, attending the Mont Saint Hilaire Academy, graduating from the Quebec Equestrian Academy (FEQ) as a federal riding instructor. From 1995 to 2000, she worked in the eld as an assistant trainer, teacher and horse trainer. Shortly afterwards, she moved to Brazil, collaborating with a communication and equestrian show agency in Belo Horizonte and in 2006 - back in Italy - she launched and managed a cultural activity in Rome, approaching contemporary art, performance and photography for the rst time. In 2008, she decided to broaden her knowledge and experience in the eld by moving between London, Paris, Toulouse, Palermo, Favignana and Tuscania (where she currently resides), working as a freelance art director and developing her own vision, thus beginning a process of artistic research that she pursues in the development of her entire production. He mainly uses the medium of photography, making use of performative actions and site-specific installations.

The opportunity to present her solo exhibition ‘Fuori Formato’ (FPAC Gallery Project Wall) - a working-pro collection of 22 photographs taken on set while working with Italian actress Sabina Guzzanti for a year - brought her back to Palermo in January 2016. In April 2015 and 2016, together with Francesco Pantaleone Art Gallery, she participated in the international contemporary art fair MIART in Milan, presenting ‘Animalia’ a diptych from her portfolio and the series/ reportage Wild Horses. Between 2017 and 2022 he works with installations and performances on large-scale projects. In Paris in 2017 he collaborates with Laurent Derobert for the annual project “Chambre D’embarquement”, installing a horse by stuntman Mario Luraschi in one of the experimental spaces of Galerie Hus, called “Jeudi Soir” in Mont Martre. In Bolzano he became resident artist for the permanent project Pure Art Circle while in Rome he collaborated with the Rome Art Week Festival, the MACRO Museum and the LUISS Business School University. In 2021 she won two national calls that led her to exhibit in Turin for the Flashback Opera Viva project and fair and in Bari for the Futuro Arcaico Festival, while the renowned Milan-based contemporary photography agency PERIMETRO recently published two of her photo reportages, winning the selection for the 2021 edition of the Italians Festival in Milan.

Journalist and photo editor Irene Alison recently published a text/interview about her work with new humans and meta-mythology and the long-term project ‘Animalia’. Again with the Animalia series and the Ritratti Surreali, she is part of the international collective of the STUDIO RIZOMA Foundation (Room To Bloom project) for artistic and political research based in Palermo, after which she prepares and sets up a living installation with horses in Rome in the spaces of the expe- rimental Piano Zero Gallery in the historic Tor Pignattara district.

Between 2021-22 he started work on the photographic project ‘New Gods’, the subsequent photographic action of ‘metaphysical’ portraits that followed the New Humans series and began with an open studio in Giano Del Bufalo and Niccolo Mottinelli’s Diorama Gallery in Rome. Also in 2022 his works are selected as NFT for the Saatchi Gallery auction in London and for the Photo Vogue Festival in Milan. Shortly afterwards she won the call of the independent Roman project/ space Spazio in Situ, which exhibited one of her manifestos during the group show Lorem Ipsum. The end of 2022 sees her taking part in the seventh edition of Rome Art Week, installing a uni- que work inside the minutes of ce of the Rome Police Department, the work will be called ‘Una Pura Formalità’, giving rise to a new long-term project. In addition, some of his works are being selected by the editors of the Lens Culture Photography Awards for 2023.

From 2020 to the present day, he has brought the _VU project to life, turning the Viterbo location of the Égreen company into an artist-run space that is a reference point for the enjoyment of contemporary research and a space for artistic residencies. In addition to being a distributor of the self-produced photozine that deals with the issues of contemporary photography. Today it collaborates with institutions and organisations by realising installations, talks, open studios, residencies, exhibitions, workshops and performances.



Nov 2022, Photo Vogue Festival | Selezione local Open Call - Milano

Ott 2022, SPAZIO IN SITU | Installazione - Roma

Ott 2022, RAW | Una Pura Formalità - installazione | C. Polizia Stradale - Roma

Ott 2022, SAATCHI Art | selezione opera NFT photography auction | London

Set 2022, Lens Culture Black and Withe Awards | opere in selezione by the editors

Lug 2022, Lens Culture Street Photography Awards | opere in selez by the editors

Lug 2022, Non Credete al Cavallo | installazione-shooting | Piano Zero - Roma

Giu 2022, Animalia | esposizione-talk | ID-EXE by RedBull - Milano

Gen/Apr 2022, _VU | Episodio _2+3 - Vetrina Alibrandi - Viterbo

Nov 2021, Animalia | Room to Bloom | Studio Rizoma - Palermo

Nov 2021, Immagini di un futuro meraviglioso | Italians Festival | Perimetro - Milano

Nov 2021, Gates | Flashback Opera Viva | Torino

Ott 2021, New Gods - Open studio  | RAW Festival | DIORAMA Gallery - Roma

Set 2021, Flashback | Opera Viva - Torino 

Giu 2021, Radici | Futuro Arcaico/Folklore Elettrico - Bari

Ott 2020, Do H. Dream of Electric Sheep? - O studio | RAW Festival | D Kong - Roma

Ott 2020, Starway from Heaven | Distretto A | Faenza Art District - Faenza

Set 2020, Festival Plastica d'A-Mare | Romarama/Roma Capitale | P di Roma - Ostia

Lug 2020, La Fine del Mondo | Fondazione Oelle | Palazzo delle Arti - Catania

Giu 2020, Non ne hai bisogno finchè ne hai biso | Il Triangolo Art Gallery - Cremona

Giu 2020, VU – Presa di DI-STANZA episodio _1 - Vetrina Alibrandi - Viterbo

Feb 2020, VU – Residenza x un anno - episodio _0 - Vetrina Alibrandi - Viterbo

Dic 2019, Move the Wall - Open Studio | Studio Ascenzi - Viterbo   

Dic 2019, S-comfort Zone - Paradiso Pure Living - Alpe di Siusi

Nov 2019, Ottanta esemplari di razza sarda ita / Gaslighting | Museo MACRO - Roma

Ago 2019, Gates II | TolfArte | Palazzo Buttaoni - Tolfa

Lug 2019, Centauro in dialogo con Lorenzo Marsili | Villa Trabia - Palermo

Mag 2019, MACRO ASILO #autoritratto | Museo Macro - Roma

Apr 2019, Dance Like There’s Nobody Watching, Open House project - Viterbo

Gen 2019, Adrenalina Art Project, Premio Biennale - Roma

Dic 2018, Un Anno 30 Artisti | Colletiva a cura di Juanni Wang - Roma

Ott 2018, Game of Vanth IV | Open Studio - RAW | LUISS | Villa Blanc - Roma

Ago 2018, Epona - Amelia Irish Week - Amelia

Lug 2018, Gates - TolfArte Festival - Palazzo Buttaoni - Tolfa

Dic 2017, Personne et Moi - Gallerie Hus - Parigi

Set 2017, Il Sale della Terra - ETuscia Movie Fest - Tuscania

Mag 2017, Open Landscapes - Castello Baglioni di Santacroce – Graffignano

Gen 2017, Gates, ARTE FIERA, InConnection Art Gallery - Bologna

Mag 2016, Game of Vanth - Parco Archeologico di Vulci - Vulci

Gen 2016, Fuori Formato - Francesco Pantaleone Art Gallery - Palermo

Apr 2016, 17 Animalia - MIART | FPAC di Francesco Pantaleone – Milano

Ott 2015, Elevator - installazione Pastificio Cerere – Roma

Ago 2015, Contemporary Centaurs - Parco Archeologico di Selinunte

Lug 2015, Festina Lente - Santa Rosalia - Palermo

Apr 2014, Boudoir Manouche, Villa Brucsj - Palermo/Tolosa



2023 Eye Mama book // 2022 ISIT online // 2022 XXX DESCARDED Magazine // 2021 Progetto "Qualcosa sta cambiando" pubblicazione online di Perimetro // 2020 pubblicazioni Catalogo Gianni Asdrubali “Surfing with the Alien” Palazzo Collicola // 2019 cover Catalogo Tommaso Cascella “Stupore di Vetro” Virus Art Gallery // 2018 pubblicazioni Catalogo Gianni Asdrubali “Lo Spazio Impossibile” Prearo Editore // 2016-17 MIA-LEJOURNAL Issue IV-V reportage “Wild Horses” + “A Race Story”


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New Gods - Favignana, 2015 - From the serie Animalia | Baryta Paper Print, 100x70
IPPODAMIA (centauromachia)