Velia Littera

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Thanks to a deep passion for art, Velia Littera has dedicated recent years to supporting and promoting talented artists, significantly contributing to the growth and visibility of new and old talents in the contemporary art scene.

Since 2010, the year in which she founded Pavart gallery, Velia Littera has undertaken a very interesting path in this field with a very clear mission: select and promote artists whose work is not only visually striking, but also conveys deep emotions and expresses significant and ethical concepts.

Pavart gallery has become a point of reference for lovers of contemporary art thanks to a careful curation. Each art work exhibited in the gallery or in another external location, has been personally selected by her based on the strong emotions it conveys. This attention to the quality and depth of an artwork has made Pavart a destination for those seeking, not only for beautiful works, but also for an enriching artistic experience.

Velia Littera's philosophy is clear: through art, it is possible to change the world! She believes that art has the power to influence people, make them think and inspire them to seek a deeper vision of life. Her passion for a type of artistic language that conveys ethical concepts is evident in her gallery's ongoing commitment to present artists who use their creativity to address significant issues and stimulate social discussions.

Velia Littera represents an inspiring figure of art projects that go beyond aesthetics and that seek to positively influence the world through an artistic expression.