Rome Art Week

Rome Art Week is an annual event, spread throughout the city of Rome and totally dedicated to contemporary art, whose goal is to offer the public of passionate collectors and scholars an overview of the contemporary art proposal of the Capital, through events in exhibition spaces, artists’ open studios and cultural projects completely free of charge organized specifically for the event and also to build a network between exhibition structures, artists and curators.

Rome Art Week is a unique opportunity to give prominence to voices that have a desire to emerge, an event that is totally free for artists and the consuming public. An artistic-cultural event that is ready to welcome anyone who wants to discover the novelty of contemporary art, which allows us to see reality through new reflections and perspectives through direct contact with art.

A varied and well-established program that focuses on different themes and topics each year. But it is also an opportunity to put Rome at the center of today’s art scene and to emerge on par with other major European capitals, involving events and multiple activities in the city center and periphery, incorporating as many realities as possible and permeating the spirit and soul of the city.

Galleries, Foundations, Museums, Cultural Institutions and Associations, Academies, Italian and foreign Cultural Institutes and independent research spaces open their doors for exhibitions, events, talks, meetings, performances, in-depth studies and extraordinary openings.

Artists organize open studios to welcome fans, collectors and professionals to their work space and open new perspectives of knowledge of their artistic research.

Curators present their research through exhibition projects and cultural events in different spaces around the city.

To guide the public through the multitude of proposals, Points of View identified among influential critics, curators, intellectuals and artists active in Rome provide their own selection of participants and events.

RAW also organizes a rich calendar of guided tours throughout the week, divided by zones or thematic areas.

The online platform is the main tool of the initiative, during and after the event.

For professionals, the site allows them to create and manage, free of charge and in complete autonomy, their personal file with all the biographical information, reference images and contact information, as well as the files of the events proposed for RAW.

To the public, the site provides: the map, calendar and fact sheets of all events with details and useful information; maps and fact sheets of all participants divided by section (facilities, artists, curators); Point of View selections; and the calendar and fact sheets of all guided tours with an integrated booking system.

Each section will remain visible and consultable forever, even after the art week has ended, providing the public with an important means of contact with those who create and promote contemporary art in Rome, both through the website and through the direct creation of events.

Each edition is also distributed free of charge in printed form (min/ed 20,000 copies). The complete program, containing all the events and all the files of the participants, is realized in a guidebook (last edition of 200 pages) and distributed at the end of the event. 

Rome Art Week is organized by Kou – a nonprofit association for the promotion of visual arts. Participation is completely free for both participants and visitors as there is no admission charge for events.

Next edition

The data are continuously being updated and indicate only those applications approved so far because enrollment closes at the end of September.

774 Enrollment

  • 214 galleries and institutions 
  • 498 artists
  • 62 curators
  • 8 collectives

List of Participants


10B Photography Gallery, 6° Senso Art Gallery, AAIE Center for Contemporary Art, Accademia di Ungheria, afnakafna, Agarte - Fucina delle Arti, Albergo del Sole, Alea Contemporary Art, Alessandro Vitiello Home Gallery, American Academy In Rome, Andrea Festa Fine Art, Andrè Arte moderna e contemporanea, Anna Marra Contemporanea, APS SPAZIO44, Arca di Noesis, Area, Area Contesa Arte, Are Arte, Aria Design Lab, Arte Borgo Gallery, Arte in Regola, Artelive360, Arte PerOGGI, Art Exhibition Link - Artists Studio Roma, Art Gallery Gregorio VII 274, Art Gallery Roma, Art GAP, Artotek, Artpil, ArtSharing, ASA Project, Ass. Culturale Lavatoio Contumaciale, Assemblea, Associazione Bereshit, Associazione Culturale 7+1 Ottavocolle, Associazione Culturale Escidicasa, Associazione Culturale L'espression, Associazione Culturale Spiritree, Associazione Culturale TRAleVOLTE, Associazione Teatri di Luna, Atelier Montez, Barattolo Galleria Digitale, Basile Contemporary, Bat-Gallery/Studio Milani, Battistoni Roma, Associazione Culturale Betterpress, Bianco Contemporaneo, Biblioteca Angelica, Bibliothé Art Gallery, Borghini Arte Contemporanea, Borgo Pio Art Gallery, Buccone Vini e Oli, Cabaret Voltaire, Canova 22, Cappella Orsini Lab, Casa Argentina, Casetta Rossa, Institut Francais Centre Saint Louis, Centro Arte Figurativa, Centro Documentazione Ricerca Artistica, Centro Giovani I Municipio, Chiaroscuro, Circolo di Cultura Omosessuale Mario Mieli, Civita Mostre e Musei, Collezionando Gallery, Co.Ro. Coworking Rome Pigneto, Cosarte Spazio Creativo, CPIA4 Istruzione Provinciale Adulti, C.R.E.T.A. Rome, Curva Pura, D.d'Arte, Divario, Ecomuseo Laurentino, Ecovanavoce, Galleria d'Arte Edarcom Europa, Embrice, Galleria Emmeotto, Fondamenta/InsideArt, Fondazione Cervelli Ribelli Onlus, Fondazione Francesco Paolo e Annamaria Ducci, Fondazione Isabella Scelsi, Fondazione Magis, Fondazione Primoli, Forum Austriaco di Cultura, Gagosian Gallery, Gall Art Roma, Galleria 291 Est/Inc., Galleria Continua, Galleria d'arte Stefano Simmi, Galleria d'Arte Consorti, Galleria d'Arte Faber, Galleria d'Arte La Nica, Galleria d'Arte Marchetti, Galleria dei Miracoli, Galleria del Cembalo, Galleria Deodato Arte, Galleria Edouard Roma, Galleria Esse&rrE, Galleria Eugenia Delfini, Galleria Fidia, Galleria Gallerati, Galleria Il Leone, Galleria Il Sole, Galleria InQuadro, Galleria Kichel, Galleria Lombardi, Galleria Minima, Galleria Moderni, Galleria Riccardo Boni, Galleria Sinopia, Galleria Triphè, Galleria Vittoria, Gallerie Benucci, Gard Galleria Arte Roma Design, Giardino di NIna, Goethe-Institut Rom, Hotel delle Nazioni, Hotel Diana Roof Garden, Hotel Genova, Hotel Palazzo Caruso, Hotel Savoy Roma, Hunica, HyunnArt Studio, iH Hotels Roma Z3, Ikigai Art Gallery, Il Mondo dell'Arte, Il Pastello, Il Salotto di Diotima, Impact Art, Incinque Open Art Monti, Industrie Fluviali, InGalleria Trastevere, Interzone Galleria, Istituto Bulgaro di Cultura, Kou Gallery, Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia Kromart Gallery, la Casa di Tela, La-Linea, La Nuova Pesa Centro Per l'Arte Contemporanea, Legal 4Transport, Lumina design, Maja Arte Contemporanea, Marte, Martivs Private Suites, Mecenate Fine Art, Meco Space, Medina Roma Arte, ME.SIA S.PACE arte contemporanea, Micro Arti Visive, Millepiani, MLAC, Mo.C.A. Studio, Moma Hostel, Mons Art Stage, Monti Palace Hotel, Mucciaccia Contemporary, Museo Boncompagni Ludovisi per le Arti decorative,, Museo Hendrik Christian Andersen, MyTALE, Noema Gallery, Officine Fotografiche Roma, Open Studio Gallery Patrizia Genovesi, Ospizio Giovani Artisti, OTTO Gallery, Otto Rooms, Palazzo Merulana, Palazzo Navona, Palazzo Velli Expo, Panetteria Atomica, Papel, Pavart, Pícaro Spazio Creativo, Pian dei giullari, Pocket Art Studio, Polmone Pulsante, Postmasters, Quintessenza, RESTELLIARTCO., Riachuelo-Studio Pro Loco San Lorenzo, Rione Roma, Rome University of Fine Arts, Rossocinabro, Sala da Feltre - Open Art, Sala 1, Scuola Laboratorio Mosaico San Lorenzo, SIC12 artstudio, Spazio Chirale, Spazio d'arte 2020, Spazio GB Editoria, Spazio Hangar, Spazio In Situ, Spazio Sferocromia, Spazio Veredas, Storie Contemporanee, Strade Diffuse, Studio Arti Floreali, Studio Buccia, Studio Campo Boario, Studio DR-Arte, Studio noMade, Studio QUIPU, Take Away Gallery, Teatro Arciliuto, Temple University, TAG - Tevere Art Gallery, The Fifteen Keys Hotel, The Hoxton Rome, Tiber art & design, Ultrablu, Up Urban Prospective Factory, Warmthotel, WSP Photography, Wunderkammern, z2o Sara Zanin Gallery


Adele Ercolano, Adi Kichelmacher, Adriano Rosati, Adriano Segarelli, Duminda, Alberta Piazza, Alberto D'Amico, Alberto Di Fabio, Alberto Timossi, Aldo Sardoni, Aleksandra de Pan, Alessandra Cecchini, alessandra De Berardis, Alessandra Di Francesco, Alessandra Mercurio, Alessandra Meschini, Alessandra Pediconi, Alessandro Bonforti, Alessandro Castiglioni, Alessandro Costa, Alessandro Liuzzi, Alessandro Malaguti, Alessia Nardi, Alexander Luigi Di Meglio, Alfonso Isonzo, Ambra Graziani, Amedeo Longo, Amelia Mutti, Ana Biolchini, ANA Maria Tirlea, Ana Paula Torres, Anastasia Kurakina, Andrea Alessandrini, Andrea Capanna, Andrea Felice, Andrea Fumagalli, Andrea Pacioni, Andrea Saglietto, Andrea Sbra Perego, Andrea Segreto, Angela Albanese, Angela Donatelli, Angela Esposito, Angelica Romeo, A.T. Anghelopoulos, Anita Guerra, Anna Budkova, Anna De Angelis, Anna Di Fusco, Anna Maria Bagnato, Annamaria Russo, Anna Tonelli, Annita Borino, Anthony Lombardi, Antoanetta Marinov, Antonella Cuzzocrea, Antonella Squillaci, Antonio de Nardis, Antonio Palazzo, Antonio Quaranta, Antonio Virzi, Aurea Vattuone, Barbara Berardicurti, Benedetta Sara Di Lorenzo, Biagio Castilletti, Blanca Moreno de Barreda, Bruno Kuhlmann, Camilla Ghione, Carla Sacco, Carlo Cecchi, Carlo D'Orta, Carmen Frisina, Carola Spina, Carol Hendrickson, Carolyn Angus, Caterina Ciuffetelli, Caterina Mulieri, Caterina Tedeschini, Chiara Amici, Chiara Borraccino, Chiara Fantaccione, Chiara Fazi, Chiara Gizzi, Chiara Quintiliani, Chiara Vannucchi, Chryssis Vici, Cinzia Colombo, Clarissa Secco, Claudia Bellocchi, Claudia Quintieri, Claudio Andreoli, Consuelo Mura, Costantino Castellotti, Maria Costanza Alvarez De Castro, Costanza Villareal, Cristiana Pedersoli, Cristina Falasca, Cristina Ricatti, Daniela Beltrani, Daniela Carpentieri, Daniela Carreras, Daniela Di Gregorio Zitella, Daniela Di Mase, Daniela Monaci, Daniela Scaccia, Daniele Meli Salvador, Daniele Ruffini, Daniele Sciacca, Danilo Mauro Malatesta, Dario Calì, Dario Imbo, Davide Di Vico, Davide Stasino, Davide Viggiano, David Renka, Diana Pintaldi, Domitilla Verga, Donatella Pinocci, Edith Urban, Egle Scerelli, Elena Nonnis, elisabettaeleuteri, Elisa Majnoni, Elsa Falciani, Elvino Echeoni, Emanuela Anna Secci, Emanuela Lena, Emanuela Serini, Emanuele Marsigliotti, Emanuele Pennazza, Emily Little, Emma Assisi, Erika Mayr, Fabiano Campo, Fabio Maria Alecci, Fabio De Benedettis, Fabio Ferrone Viola, Fabiola Cenci, Fabiola Poleggi, Fabio Maiorino, Fabio Milani, fabio pennacchia, Fabrizio Bonato, Fabrizio Borelli, Fabrizio Di Nardo, Federica Di Pietrantonio, Federica Scoppa, Federico Faeta, Federico Farnesi, Ferdinando Fedele, Fiorella Ivaldi, Fiorella Razzaboni, Flaminia Mantegazza, Flavia Mitolo, Flavio Filippi, Franca Bernardi, Francesca Bedetti, Francesca Bianchi, Francesca Ciurleo, Francesca Cornacchini, Francesca di Ciaula, Francesca Grosso, Francesca Mariani, Francesca Micacchi, Francesca Pes, Francesca Termine, Francesca Tulli, Francesco Astiaso Garcia, Francesco Paolo Cipullo, Francesco Segreto, Francesco Zizola, Franco Belsole, Franco Corsi, Franco Nuti, Frederika De Vierno, Fulvio Bucelli, Gabriel Angelo Cacace, Gabriella Tirincanti, Gaetano Zampogna, Georgina Spengler, Germana Galdi, Germana Gismondi, Giancarlino Benedetti Corcos, Gianluca Esposito, Gianmaria De Luca, Gianna Attiani, Giampaolo Atzeni, Gianpiero Giorgio, Giorgio Binda, Giorgio Fiume, Giorgio Ortona, Giovambattista Camia, Giovanna Cataldo, Giovanni Croce, Giovanni Ingrassia, Giovanni Longo, Giovanni Trimani, Giulia Barone, Giulia Di Pasquale, Giulia Grincia, Giulia Iosco, Giuliana Paolucci, Giuliana Silvestrini, Giulia Pissagroia, Giulia Ripandelli, Giulia Spernazza, Giulietta Cavallotti, Giuseppa Matraxia, Giuseppe Barone, Giuseppe Incatasciato, Giuseppe Scelfo, Giusy Lauriola, Gloria Monaldi, Gloria Tranchida, Gregorio Gumina, Gudrun De Chirico, Guendalina Urbani, Hannu Palosuo, Hèctor Vargas Salazar, Howard Rotblat-Walker, Ilaria Commendatore, Ilaria Di Giustili, Ilaria Paccini, Irem Incedayi, Isabelle Dehais, Ivan Markovic, Ivan Paduano, Ivo Cotani, Jacopo Benci, Jacqueline Cope, Juanni Wang, Karina Chechik, Karmen Corak, Katarzyna Bak, Lami Daher, Laura Amato, Laura della Gatta, Laura De Lorenzo, Laura Federici, Laura Grosso, Laura Mega, Laura Romano, Lea Walter, Leonardo Cpario, Leonardo Fiori, Leonardo Spina, Letizia Taliani De Marchio, Lisa Sorba, Livia Giuliani, Loredana Salzano, Lorenza Bucci Casari, Lorenzo Bruschini, Lorenzo Giorgio, Loris Liberatori, Lorna Maria Carrano, Luana Romano, Luca Giorgio Maiorano, Luca Impinto, Luca Tomassini, Luca Ximenes, Lucia Italia Morana, Luciana Abait, Lucia Russo, Lucia Sforza, Lucia Simone, Lucio Barbuio, Lucrezia Testa Iannilli, dap - Luigia d'Alfonso e Ada Perla, Luigi Maria de rubeis, Luisa Raggi, Luisa Valeriani, Luis Serrano, Lu Tiberi, Magdalena Carmen Quesada Ordeig, Mahshid Mussavi, Mana Greco, manuela scannavini, Manuel De Marco, Mara Van Wees, Marco Angelini, Marco Bianchi, Marco Billeri, Marco Carloni, Marco Galletti, Marco Giammetti, Marco Stefanelli, Margherita Giordano, Maria Angeles Vila Tortosa, Maria Carla Mancinelli, Maria Cipriano, Maria Colletti, Maria Felice Vadala, Maria Flora Clementelli, Maria Grazia Emiliani, Maria Grazia Lunghi, Maria Grazia Morsella, Mariangela Calabrese, Mariano Filippetta, Maria Pacheco Cibils, Maria Pia Michieletto, Maria Pia Pascoli, Maria Teresa Gallo, Marilena La Mantia, Marina Buening, Marina Cerbo, Marina Misiti, Marino Marinò, Mario Alvarez, Mario D'Imperio, Mario Sandro Panico, Maristella Campolunghi, Mark Steven Greenfield, Marta Fabbri, Martina Magno, Marzia Corteggiani, Marzia Gandini, Massimiliano Ferragina, Massimiliano Ionta, Massimo De Martino, Massimo Frattini, Massimo Lorenzo Petrucci, Massimo Mencarelli, Massimo Talarico, Matilde Damele, Matteo Baruzzo, Matteo Tamburro, Mattia Morelli, Maura Prosperi, Maurizio Prenna, Mauro Bellucci, Mauro Magni, Mauro Molle, Mauro Romano, Michele De Luca, Michele Mercurio, Michel Patrin, Michel Pellaton, Milan Zulic, Mirella Rossomando, Mirella Ventura, Miriam Chessa, Miriam Modena, Mirko Pagliacci, Mita Ungaro, Monica Argentino, Monica Pennazzi, Monica Pirone, Monica Sarandrea, Monika Hartl, M.Raffaella Catalano, Nadia Vallino, Natalya Sluzenkova, Nelly Schneider, Nicola Marco Mainieri, Nicola Ughi, Nina Eaton, Nino Baffoni, Nunzia Mita, Oliva Patanella, Olympia Dotti, Osvaldo Tiberti, Palmerino Masciotta, Paola Alviano Glaviano, Paola Bracaglia, Paola Casalino, Paola De Rosa, Paola Falini, Paola Maddalena, paola marinelli, Paola Orlandi, Paola Romoli Venturi, Paolo Benvenuti, Paolo Bielli, Paolo Cazzella, Paolo Cencioni, Paolo Di Capua, Paolo Garau, Paolo Viterbini, Pao Silvia Paoletti, Pasquale Caltabiano, Patrizia Genovesi, Patrizia Langher, Patrizia Pieri, Patrizia Ricchiuti, Patrizia Simonetti, Peter Flaccus, Philippe Adrien, Philippe Seigle, Pier Maurizio Greco, Piero Marsili, Pierpaolo Martinelli, Placido Scandurra, Prisca Baccaille, Quirino Cipolla, Rachele Tombini, Raffaela Gargiulo, Raffaele Marino, Raffaella Silvi, Raha Vismeh, Raja El Fani, Raul Grisolia, Riccardo Monachesi, Rita Landriscina, Roberta Conigliaro, Roberta Filippi, Roberta Morzetti, Roberta Petrangeli, Roberto Ciangola, Roberto Malagoli, Roberto Mirulla, Roberto Vignoli, Robin Clerici, Rolf Sachs, Rosa Anna Argento, Rosalia Marchiafava, Rosanna Pertosa, Rosaria Mineo, Rosario Calì, Ros Lenci, Ruggero Lenci, Sabrina Vallarano, Salvatore Cammilleri, Salvatore Dominelli, Salvatore Giunta, Salvatore Pulvirenti, Sandra Gianesini, Sara Antonellis, Sara Ciuffetta, Sara Santarelli, Sara Savini, Sara Zanin, Saro Puma, Serena Lugli, Sergio Angeli, Sergio Illuminato, Sergio Sechi, Sergio Vecia, Shaghayegh Sharafi, Silvana Paula Chiozza, Silvia D’Orazi, SIlvia Iorio, Silvia Scaringella, Silvia Stucky, Simona De Caro, Simona Gloriani, Soledad Agresti, Sonia Viccaro, Soodeh Shafiee, Stefania Cecchetti, Stefania Di Filippo, Stefania Picca, Stefano Bolcato, Stefano Compagnucci, Stefano Fiore, Stefano Fontebasso De Martino, Stefano Imbratta, Stefano Tagliati, Stefan Sagmeister, Stella Gallas, Susan Kimber, Sveva Angeletti, Tancredi Fornasetti, Tatiana Balchesini, Teresa Bianchi, Thierry Bouffeteau, Tina Milazzo, Tiziana Ferrante, Ugo Scala, Umberto Ippoliti, Valentina De Martini, Valentina Mori, Valentina Piraino, Valentina Raffa, Valentina Rimauro, Valeria Cademartori, Valeria Magini, Valerio Prugnola, Valerio Scarapazzi, Valerio Ventura, Valter Sambucini, Verena D'Alessandro, Veronica Mantovan, Werther Germondari, Victoria Thomen, Vincenza Spiridione, Vincenzo Bartoli, Vincenzo Casale, Vincenzo Scolamiero, Viola Di Massimo, Virginia Carbonelli, Vito Di Bella, Viviana Pallotta, Volha Piashko, Walter Necci, Tania Welz, Yajaira M. Pirela M., Yuriko Damiani, Zaire Torrealba


Adelinda Allegretti, Aldo Sardoni Curatore, Alessia Bennani, Alice Penconi, Anna Amendolagine, Antonietta Campilongo, Antonio Muratore, Barbara Lalle, Benedetta Monti, Carla Guidi, Chiara Maria Candellone Sticca, Claudia Sferrazza, Dafne Crocella, Daniela Perego, Davide Silvioli, Eleonora De Filippis, Emiliano Coletta, Emmanuele Lo Giudice Curatore, Fabrizio Pizzuto, Federica Fabrizi, Flavia Rovetta, Francesca Tuscano, Gianleonardo Latini, Gianluca Carchia, Gina Ingrassia, Giuseppe Montalbano, Giuseppe Ussani d'Escobar, Grazia Menna, Greta Alberta Tirloni, Ilaria Giacobbi, Ivan D'Alberto, Katia Paoletti, Laura Lucibello, Liset Coromoto Lara Rojas, Loredana De Pace, Maila Buglioni, Marcella Magaletti, Massimo Scaringella, Mauro Rubini, Monica Ferrarini, Nastasia Tecci, Niccolò Giacomazzi, Nicoletta Rossotti, Oriana Picciolini, Paola Litterio, Penelope Filacchione, Roberta Melasecca, Roberto Cavallini, Rosaria Madeo, Rossana Calbi, Sabrina Consolini, Salma Eltoukhy, Serena Santoni, Silvia Litardi, Silvia Zappalà, Simona Ottolenghi, Maria Italia Zacheo, Teresa Cisterna, Tiziano M. Todi, Valeria Cirone, Valeria De Siero, Velia Littera

The data are updated as of 22/03/2023

The numbers of the past edition

546 Enrollment

  • 146 galleries and institutions 
  • 341 artists
  • 59 curators

392 Events

  • 120 events
  • 120 exhibitions
  • 152 open studio

Points of view

Alberto Dambruoso, Alessandra Caponi, Claudio Strinati, Claudio Zambianchi, Giovanni Albanese, Greta Alberta Tirloni, Helia Hamedani, Massimiliano Reggiani, Massimo Scaringella, Micol Di Veroli, Paolo Balmas, Raffaele Quattrone, Roberto Gramiccia, Saverio Verini
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