Silver Studio group exhibition

ROME - From 24th to 29th October 2022 the SILVER STUDIO collective participates to Rome Art Week, edition 2022, with an art show entitled PEACE'S - THE EXHIBITION inspired to values ​​of peace.

Imagine there's no countries; it isn't hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for; and no religion, too; Imagine all the people, livin' life in peace”, this famous phrase from the song “Imagine” written by John Lennon, summarizes a very important theme that a group of Roman artists want to spread to the world!

The 11 artists on display will exhibit artworks on the theme of peace and against war with the desire to launch a global message through contemporary art. Some inedited pieces created especially for this exhibition will be visible for the first time in the EX-GARAGE space, precisely an old garage converted to art, located in the Roman suburbs in which its founder, Paolo Valentini, makes several forms coexist together.

Among the works on show, the masks and pop installations by Fabio Ferrone Viola, the large canvases representing signs of harmony between the West and the East by the Italian-Turkish artist Irem Incedayi, the tin worlds by Castilletti, the works on iron plate by Pennyboy , the sculptures and canvases by Cristiana Pedersoli, the matryoshkas on cardboard by Folliero, the multifaceted and visionary paintings by Salvadori Meli, the zinc and copper plates by Legnaioli, traces of women and men who have left their sign in the world, the coloured material moons  by Mori, the tales on canvas by the young Magini and finally the marble sculptures by Michelangelo Valente.

The conviction that peace is the absence of war is not enough because the concept of a true peace must include the recognition and respect for human rights for all, but above all, for those millions of people who live in situations of misery and conflict, deprived of any right. Art for peace therefore is a way to raise awareness to the visitor about perception of others and the world around us. When art reaches the heart it becomes a wonderful tool to promote something we need most: peace. In fact, love is the only "weapon" to reach peace.


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