Art Incubator - Donna Artiste - Red Moon

Red moon is an art incubator that aims at promoting young female artists from under-represented countries.

Red Moon's founder, Julie, is a curator and collector with a fascination for up-and-coming art scenes. She is half French and half Indian and therefore started her focus with the Indian sub-continent. She observed that a number of young and motivated artists from these regions find it difficult to exhibit in and connect with the European art scenes.

She created Red Moon in 2019 to bridge that gap by enabling more exchanges between East and West. Passionate about supporting women in all spheres of life, she decided to focus on women artists, who have to overcome a number of hurdles to express themselves both at home and abroad.

Beyond exhibitions, Red Moon also facilitates peer networking and mentoring among female artists part of the collective. By definition, Red Moon wants to be an incubator – a safe space for women artists to try out and experiment new things.

At Rome Art Week, Red Moon will bring 5 women artists that represent different artistic journeys and medium.

Mina Arham, born 1990 in Lahore, Pakistan. Her work was presented in “Lines in the Sand Contemporary Art from Pakistan” project by Imago Mundi at Venice Biennale in 2017.

Shui-Lyn White, born in Nigeria of a British father and a Chinese mother, and now living between Ethiopia and South Africa. Identity and migration have always been at the center of her monoprint works.

naqsh collective was founded in 2010 by Jordanian sisters Nisreen and Nermeen Abu Dail. The work take as inspiration the traditional handcrafted Palestinian embroidery patterns and renders them using noble materials like marble and rare woods. In 2018, Nisreen & Nermeen were one of the 8 finalist artists to win the Jameel prize 5, at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Hyun Joung Lee, born in Korea, works with handmade hanji paper from her native country, natural pigments and China ink exclusively. Her works are abstract paths that invite the viewer on a poetic journey.

Daria Koreneva, born 1991 in Russia, has developed a unique technique to recast photographic images in terms of continued possibility. By embracing the creative possibilities of digital modification, Daria subjects images to a process of experimental transformation.

Mina Arham (Pakistan)
naqsh collective (Jordan)
Shui-Lyn White (South Africa)
Hyun Joung Lee (Korea)
Daria Koreneva (Russia)