Nastasia Tecci

Three years bachelor student in Economics and Management for Arts Culture and Communication taught in English graduated in July 2022 107/110.
Incoming Master student in Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology at Bocconi University starting from September 2022.

I am fascinated by the artistic industry and its current technological developments, my interest deepened lately by occasionally collaborating with two young and dynamic galleries in Milan namely Plan X Art Gallery and ReasonedArt as well as following remotely the Classic Art+Tech Startups Online Course held by Fuelarts from New York for research purposes related to my final thesis work on the the use of technology implemented by art galleries as economic operators to keep pace with the groundbreaking demand for digital art.

In addition, during lastest my summer internship at Design Holding in Milan I had the chance to broaden my knowledge on another creative sector, namely high-end Design Furniture while gaining on hand experience on the digitalization management and set up of e-commerce markets for a portfolio of brands including Flos, B&B Italia, Arclinea, Maxalto, Fendi Casa.
At university, working on group works and curricular presentations allowed me to better my proficiency in analytical and presentation tools and foster at the same time interest in digital technologies when participating in the extracurricular Tod’s challenge with the goal of setting up a medium-term metaverse project for the relaunch of its brand Hogan as well as the creation of a sustainable window display for the FENDI x Bocconi challenge.

The precious opportunity of participating to the Rome Art Week 2022 would allow me to stay up to date on the latest artistic trends and artists, while nurturing personal connections and being able to bring value added in a variety of situations through the use of my early career stage accomplishments within an international realm.

My work ethic makes me dive exclusively into projects which I can truly embrace, for this reason I aim at getting the most out of this opportunity and develop my artistic expertise which I nurture by running an Instagram page since April 2021 named posting weekly hints of art, design and luxury with care for the finest details as well as writing articles, organizing events and
managing the social media image of the Luxury Bocconi Student Society as an active member.

Thank you for your kind consideration, I am excited about the chance to participate to the Rome Art Week and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,
Nastasia Tecci

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