Gianna Bentivenga

Dati e contatti

Gianna Bentivenga was born in Stigliano (MT) on 12/24/75. After completing her high school stu- dies, she moved to Rome where her artistic training began. She enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts where in 1999 he graduated. During the 1998/99 academic year she was an Erasmus student at the Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerp in Belgium where she was able to deepen the study of engraving techniques. During this period she is a guest for a few days at the Frans Mase- reel Kasterlee Center, where she deepens the study of lithography.. In 2006 she obtained a studio at the Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin where she remained for a few months. She has participated in various national and international artistic events: 1999 “U wordt uitgenodigt door” in Belgium; in
2000 she won the second prize at the “VI Bienal internacional de Grabado”, Ourense (Spain); 2001, reported at the "G. Poanschi National Engraving Biennial" - Cavaion Veronese; cited in the Repertory of Italian Engravers Bagnacavallo; 2004 honorable mention at the “VII Bienal Interna-
cional de Grabado”, Ourense (Spain), 2005 XII Int. Biennial of Engraving Ville de Sarcelles (France), Selected at the V International Biennial Mini-Print Cluj-Napoca (Romania); Personal ex- hibition "Existential Dances" Galleria Al Ferro di Cavallo - Rome, 2006 Life is a Painting, Tacheles Kunsthaus - Berlin (Germany), 2007 In 2007 she published her engraving in the folder Icone of the series "AMICI" in homage to Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn, by Alessandro Piras Antonio Mercuri, which will be purchased from the Albertina in Vienna;

2008 Personal exhibition APPARENZA / ESSENZA CRAC - Research Center of Contemporary Art - Cremona,
2009 Art and the Press - Cremona ,; 2010 COLLECTIVE 2010, Spazio TRART - Trieste, -; 2011 KULTURESCHOCK, Gallery Krueger Dossier - Salzburg (Austria), 5th National Engraving Biennial G. Polanschi - Cavaion Veronese,
2012; Alvaro Becattini Prize, 18th edition of the “VACA books never seen before” competition -
Ravenna, II Biennial of the Artist's Book - Castel dell'Ovo - Naples; 2013 she is a founding mem- ber of the InSigna Association of Rome, which deals with the dissemination and creation of Artist Books and Art Graphics; takes part in the Divertissement project / residence, organized by Maison 22 of Bologna in collaboration with Opificio della Rosa and Atelier della Luna in Montefiore Conca (RN); she realizes the artist's book Insettario, insigna editions, which will be purchased by the Pa- latine Library and the National Gallery of Parma. In 2014 the Albertina in Vienna acquired one of her graphics TeriomorfismoI; V International Biennial of the Artist's Book Székesfehérvár - Hunga- ry; Liberbook I Exhibition of the Artist's Book and Art Graphics -Parma; 2014 II International Trien- nial of Engraving, Belgrade (Serbia); International Engraving Festival Graphic Tribune 2014, Cluji Napoca - Romania; International Graphic Conference; Annex Gallery - Tokyo; 2015 OSTRALE 015, Contemporary art edition - Dresden (Germany); Behind the Sign, engraving exhibition, Palaz- zo Zacco - Ragusa. 2016 MUTA engraving exhibition, at Galleria Atelier, Rome; Estampadura, Eu-
ropean Triennial of Contemporary Press 2016- Toulouse (France); MIRROR FACE TO FACE, Italian and Macedonian Artists, International Engraving Exhibition 2016.
2017, VACUUM EDITION, creation of the artist's book PILE PELONNE made at the Opificio della Rosa, Morciano di Romagna. 2018 IMPRONTE ROMANE, New Directions at the Temple Universi- ty, Rome; CANTO ALLA PIETRA E ALLA CARNE, Incipit, Tito Balestra Foundation, Longiano; 2019 RUVIDEZZE 09, Galleria Cartavetra, Florence; FABRIANO PAPER PAVILION, A Wonderful Journey, Installation project on the occasion of the XIII UNESCO Creative Cities Conference.
Her works can be found in many public collections in Italy and abroad: Collection of the ALBER- TINA Gallery in Vienna;
Museum of Contemporary Art Cluj Napoca (Romania);
Collection of Prints Caixanova, Ourense (Spain)
Cabinet of Ancient and Modern Prints of Bagancavallo (Ravenna); National Institute for Graphics in Rome.
Calcografia Nazionale of Rome.
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