Marta Ciołkowska


Marta Ciołkowska was born in Lodz in 1993 and currently lives in Giarre (CT), Italy. She has a Master of Arts in Interior Design from the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź (Poland). She deals with graphic, sculpture, video and installation. In 2014 she won the scholarship for the foreign mobility Erasmus + and attended to the one semester at Academy of Fine Arts in Catania (Italy). She had the opportunity to collaborate with Polish and Italian artists like Piotr Janowski, Marinella Senatore, Alosha, Francesco Di Giovanni. She is present in many catalogs and publications of exhibitions and artistic events. Currently, she travels between Poland and Italy to realize her projects and to participate in internships and workshops.



Observation of the environment, human activity or lack of it provides a starting point for her creative projects. The problems of the modern world have led her to reflect on concerns involving our entire ecosystem, existence, ecology, human influence on the planet or on another human being, as well as the impact of technology and art on human beings. Consumerism, technology development, pollution, politics, economics, ecology, social media, social problems, human rights are the main themes of her recent works, where performative and interdisciplinary activities (mainly video, installation, sculpture, photography, painting) have had a visible impact on selected social groups. Through an ironic depiction of the flaws of society, she provokes reflection and self-criticism that every human being should have.


Participated in the following arts events:

• “Unseen”, Simultan Festival, 27.09-03.10.2020, Comenduirea Garnizoanei Timișoara, Romania

• “Casamatta discontinuità, capitolo uno/tre”, Bastione Sangallo, Re-Public, 08-09.08.2020, Fano, Italy

• “Protest for Progress”, Round Lemon and ZEST, 28.06-28.09.2020, United Kingdom

• “LOST”, Lacuna Festivals, Festival De Arte Lanzarote and Festival De Arte Fuerteventura 2020, 26.06-31.07.2020, Canary Island, Spain

• “Let’s talk about water”, Film Festival, Global Institute for Water Security, 21.05-25.06.2020, Canada

• Presentation of the video: “Social Prison”, Museum of Contemporaty Art MACRO ASILO, 28.11.2019, Rome, Italy

• “Urban Emotional Entity”, City Side Art Exhibition x PYRA Festival 2.0, 14.09-14.10.2019, Changsha, Hunan, China

• “By the city”, Explore New Urban Space, PLAN8T AIR Program, 01.09-13.10.2019, Changsha, Hunan, China

• “Równowaga - projektowanie zrównoważone jako świadoma postawa projektanta”; 12-19.04.2018; Akademia TechnicznoHumanistyczna, Bielsko-Biała, Poland

• “Prime Time 2017”; 01.02-04.03.2018; “Centralne Muzeum Włókiennictwa w Łodzi”, Łódź, Poland

• “When Design Meets the Time”; 12.04-15.05.2017; “Galeria Pod Napięciem”, Politechnika Łódzka, Łódź, Poland

• “Miejski Dualizm / Městský dualismus”; 31.03-13.04.2017; “Galeria Kobro”, ASP, Łódź, Poland

• “My spadkobiercy? Katarzyna Kobro”; 13-23.01.2017; “Galeria Kobro”, ASP, Łódź, Poland

• “Human Now TERAZ CZŁOWIEK”; from 5.11.2016; Muzeum Fabryki, Poland

• “Tożsamość Identity”; from 07.06.2016; Centrum Nauki i Sztuki, Galeria “HOL”, ASP, Łódź, Poland

• “Hommage a Kobro 2016”; 28.04-11.05.2016; Centrum Nauki i Sztuki, Galeria “HOL”, ASP, Łódź, Poland

• “Pół-Metek”; 26.11-13.12.2015; “Galeria ASP”, Łódź, Poland

• “Przestrzeń znaczeń”; 30.04-14.05.2015; ART Inkubator, Łódź, Poland Art



• 1 Nagroda Rektora ASP w Łodzi w Konkursie Hommage a Kobro 2016 dla studentów ASP w Łodzi



• “Explore New Urban Space”, PLAN8T Artist / Architect In Residence (P8AIR), with project: “We Shall Overcome”, 08.08-05.09.2019, Changsha, Hunan, China



• ‘International Workshop - INTRA MUROS’, organizated by University of Applied Sciences, 29.05-02.06.2017, Düsseldorf, Germany

• ‘9 International Intermedia Workshop Me Here and Now, Urban Dualism’, organizated by Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts, curated by prof Jolanta Wagner, mgr. Karolina Zaborska, 17-29.10.2016 Łódź - Prague, Poland/Czech Republic

• ‘Street Art Kinetyczny’, organizated by MediaLab Katowice, curated by Marek Straszak, Szymon Kaliski, 26-27.09.2015. Katowice, Poland



• Performer in ‘The Management Relocation’, Francesco Di Giovanni, during Opening of the Museum of Contemporaty Art MACRO ASILO, 30.09-03.10.2018, Rome, Italy

• Collaborated with Francesco Di Giovanni, ‘The Gallery Relocation’, 08-29.04.2017, Catania, Italy

• Collaborated with Piotr Janowski, ‘Get off! Lodz Fabryczna’, December 2016, Łódź, Poland

• Collaborated with Marinella Senatore, ‘Modica Street Musical, The Present, the Past and the Possible’, 06.08.2016 Modica, Italy

• Collaborated with Francesco Di Giovanni, ‘I invade, you invade’, 2015, Catania, Italy



• V.V. A.A.,“PRIMETIME - NAJLEPSZE DYPLOMY ASP ŁÓDŹ 2017”, Łódź, Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im. Władysława Strzemińskiego w Łodzi, 2017

• V.V. A.A., “HOMMAGE A KOBRO 2016”, Łódź, Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im. Władysława Strzemińskiego w Łodzi, 2016

• Miarka, M., “PÓŁ_METEK”, Łódź, realized by Wydział Wzornictwa i Architektury Wnętrz, printed by Jaks, 2015



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Installation view_WE SHALL OVERCOME_Marta Ciołkowska_2019
Installation view_WE SHALL OVERCOME_Marta Ciołkowska_2019
Video screenshot_WE SHALL OVERCOME_Marta Ciołkowska_2019
Installation view_WE SHALL OVERCOME_Marta Ciołkowska_2019

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