Luigia Gio Martelloni

Luigia Gio Martelloni is an Italian visual artist, curator, and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California and in Rome, Italy.
Influenced by the Italian Arte Povera movement, her oeuvre is inspired by artistic freedoms liberated by Duchamp's readymades and framed by the literary and psychological rhetorics surrounding the surrealist movement.
"Through my art, I try to bring messages to the world, I"m interested in the process and follow ideas, I like to conceptualize ideas that tell stories. My concepts and multidimensional  expressions, explore possibilities, and uncover hidden layers of truth. An aspect of my work addresses the politics of geography, history, identity, migration, climate change, race, and the human refugee global crisis." 
I pay particular attention to the natural world and its relation to humanity, transforming and reinterpreting everyday reality. My practice includes multimedia installations, painting, found materials, papers, photography, and video.
In my series with trees, I often removes them from their habitat in order to magnify their grace, their beauty, the spread of their branches out in the air, and memorialize the moment of encounter.⁠
Martelloni has exhibited nationally and internationally in venues such as the 54th (Italian Pavilion/Arsenale) International Art Exhibition VENICE BIENNALE (2011) and the 58th International Art Exhibition VENICE BIENNALE, collateral event,Venice (2019), Launch Gallery/Tarfest,  Los Angeles (2020) MACC Torre Normanno Sveva, Cisternino Italy (2020) 18th Street Art Center (2019-2020) Denk Gallery (2019), Arena 1 Gallery, Hangar Gallery, Santa Monica, Santa Monica Museum of Art (2010), RAW Rome Art Week (2018-2019-2020) MAAAC Museum, Italy (2018), Marie Baldwin Gallery, Los Angeles, Gallery 825, Los Angeles (2016), Torrance Art Museum, California (2016), Westmont Museum, Santa Barbara CA, Sam Francis Gallery, Santa Monica CA,  Montoro 12 Gallery Roma (2015),  For Your Art Gallery, Los Angeles,  Building Bridge Art Exchange Santa Monica (2012),Pacific Standard Time (2011), IIC Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles (2001-2011), Mopla Month of Photography in Los Angeles (2012), The Loft at Liz’s Gallery, Cal Poly Pomona Art Colony, California (2003), American Academy of Rome , Galleria d'Arte Contemporanea Roma, Museo in Trastevere, Roma, Biennale d'Arte Contemporanea Porto Ercole, Palazzina Corsini, Roma, San Michele a Ripa, Roma, De 'Serpenti Gallery, Roma, Bennett & Siegel Gallery New York, Soho Gallery New York, Cal Poly Pomona, CA, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Gallery C Hermosa Beach, Salander O'Reilly Gallery Los Angeles, Watts Tower Center Los Angeles, ADC Contemporary Art Gallery, Armory Center for the Art Pasadena,  Shoshana Wayne Gallery Santa Monica, Venice Art Walk, Venice CA, BGH Gallery Bergamot Station, The British School, Rome (1994) Temple Gallery, Rome, Palazzo Esposizioni Rome, Quadriennale Nazionale d”Arte di Roma, Museo Laboratorio d’Arte Contemporanea Universita` La Sapienza, Rome (1996), American Academy in Rome,  Marco Rossi Lecce (1992) Al Ferro di Cavallo (1987) Vorpal Gallery New York (1986) 
In 2018-2019 Martelloni curated an international project between Italy and California, with 3 exhibitions called “Between Two Seas” involved more than 60 artists from all over the world. Recently she curated De-Fence Art (Art in the Time of Isolation), and De-Fence Black Lives, an outdoor exhibition, in the Santa Monica Airport, as result of the Covid-19 lockdown and as way to stand in solidarity for peace and justice with the Black Live Matter movement and against systemic racism and inequality, honor the life of George Floyd, in response to this many artists have contributed new artwork to the exhibition 
Her artistic repertoire includes various productions projects in Film, TV, theatre and documentary. Martelloni received her MFA from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, and studied at UCLA extension, Entertainment studies/ Directing and at Santa Monica College with a focus on Photography.
Sea of promises 2018
What is left behind 2018
Dalla serie ‘breathing’ - ‘what is left behind’ 2018
The hut