Martina Vanda

Martina Vanda is a visual artist working mainly with Drawing;
including Paintings, Picture books, Ceramics and Video animations.

After her studies of literature and languages (English, French and Russian) she studies Illustration at the IED of Rome.
In 2000 she wins a one year scholarship for specialization at the ESAG Phenninguen of Paris.
From 2004 to 2012 she lives in Barcelona where she reaches The Art Factory La Escossessa.
2009-2014 she studies ceramics with Thomas Gruner.

Her works are presented in the most interesting events related to the world of contemporary illustration
(BIB Biennial of Bratislava, Children's Book Fair of Bologna, XII Biennial BCJEM, BIBF Beijin, DPI Mag, Freeda);
they are exhibited in Italy, Japan, China and Sweden.
She directs TunnellingP and independent publishing label which sells her picture books and zines worldwide.
Her book "Estela, grita muy fuerte!" sold 150,000 copies and won several prizes.
She collaborated with Feltrinelli, Agenzia Contrasto, Esperia, El Pais, Hamelin, Poste Italiane...among others
Her drawings, artprints, picture books, ceramics and notebooks are available here:
bookshops of Museo MAXXI, Museo Macro and Palaexpo, Fox gallery, in Rome.
Galleria L'Affiche, Fodazione Sozzani 10 Corso Como, Gervasoni1882, in Milan



2021 selected / 16° Miami New Media Film Festival - with Alice in lockdown 5' animation

2019 selected / BIBF - Beijing Illustration Book Fair

2016 Illustrators Exhibition - Bologna Children's Book Fair, Italy 

2015 Illustrators Exhibition - Bologna Children's Book Fair, Italy 

2013 selected/ Itaca contest - Italy

2012 selected/ Illustrators Exhibition - Bologna Children's Book Fair, Italy 

2012 SEP recipient: the Government of Mexico published 87,492 copies of "¡Estela, grita muy fuerte!"

2011 selected/ BIB Biennial of Bratislava

2009 selected/ CJ Picture Book Awards, Korea

2009 WINNER/ Premio Qwerty: Best children's book "¡Estela, grita muy fuerte!", Spain

2006 Annual Italian Illustrators (ed. Mondadori), Italy

2005 XII Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (BJCEM)

2004 mention/ Iceberg, Bolonia

1999 cumulus: student scholarship



2016 798 International Art Festival of Beijing - Cina
2015 798 International Art Festival of Beijing - Cina
2015 Lecture / "ceramic techniques" - Sintra Gallery - Gothenburg, Sweden



2021 group / The smile of the Sphinx - Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, Bosnia. Art curator Ilari Valbonesi

2019 solo/ Daily News - Blue Hole gallery, CityLab, Rome

2019 solo/ Ceramics - Incinque Open Art - Rome

2018 solo/ It wasn't very civil of you to sit down without being invited - Sintra Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden

2017 solo/ Daily News - Polarville, L'aquila

2016 solo/ Pirandello e Kafka - Polarville, L'aquila

2016 group/ Il tè di Alice - galleria Nuages, Milan. (Bookcity 2016)

2016 solo/ Le Grand Bo - Interno 14, Rome.

2016 group/ "Illustrators Exhibition" - Bologna Children's Book Fair, Italy (Italy, Japan, China tour)

2015 group/ "Portafortuna" - Spazio Varco arte contemporanea, l'Aquila

2015 solo/ Martina Vanda Works - Polarville, l'Aquila

2105 solo/ "Illustrated Ceramics" - Sintra Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden

2015 solo/ "Siamo tutti pupi" - Teatro Villa Pamphilj Scuderie Villino Corsini, Rome

2015 group/ "Illustrators Exhibition" - Bologna Children's Book Fair, Italy (Italy, Japan, China tour)
         Itabashi Art Museum, Otani Memorial Art Museum, Kawara Museum, Ishikawa Nanao Art Museum

2012/2013 group/ "La Violenza Illustrata" - Casa delle donne Onlus, Bologna

2012 solo/ "VASILISA" - Love and Dissent Gallery, Rome

2012 group/ "Le Metamorfosi del Viaggiatore" - Palazzo delle Stelline, Milano

2012 group/ "Illustrators Exhibition" - Bologna Children's Book Fair, Italy (Italy, Japan tour)
         Itabashi Art Museum, Otani Memorial Art Museum, Yokkaichi Municipal Museum, Ishikawa Nanao Art
         Museum, Nagashima Museum

2011 group/ Ceramics - Maigallery, Rome

2009 group/ CJ Book, Korea

2006 group/ "Peer a colori". Ischia, Italy

2005 group/ "Artistas de LATERAL". Corte Inglés, Barcelona

2005 group/ BJCEM, XII Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean

2004 group/ "Iceberg" - Sala Borse, Bologna 

2003 group/ "Un certo sguardo". Fair Piú libri piú liberi, Rome.

2000 solo/ "Ultimo piano" - MANIDOPERA. Cittá di castello, Italy



The Concert
to be release soon...!

Scienze e Lettere, Italy 2015

Scienze e Lettere, Italy 2015

Ménage à Deux
TunnellingP editions, Italy 2014

El lenguaje de los arboles
editorial Fineo, Mexico 2014

Les fraises sauvages
Lirabelle editions, France 2014 
Orietal Babies & Kids Co., China 2014

“El elogio de la educación: 70 imágenes de ser maestro”. (AAVV)
Editorial FINEO, Mexico 2014

Je m'en vais 
TunnellingP editions, Italy

¡Estela, grita muy fuerte! 150.000 copies sold!
Editorial Fineo, Spain/Mexico 2008; 2014; 2018
TunnellingP (auto)editions 2015;


Dillo con parole tue; The Kitchen is in the Chicken; Mon droit à la Paresse; A wonderful life; Dust of happiness; ICE ICE BABY; Lé déjeuner sur lit, Falling in love.


Feltrinelli Editore; Agenzia Contrasto; Ricerca e Cooperazione NGO; WEB Foundation Holland; El Pais Spain; Parramon Spain; Il Nuovo Rinascimento; Hamelin Associazione Culturale...


Rome: museo MAXXI; Museo MACRO; PalaExpo; FOX GALLERY
Milan: L'AFFICHE; B**K; Gervasoni 1820


Acrilico su cotton CANVA
365 Disegni. serie Daily News
ricerca sul disegno. Serie di 20 piatti in Porcellana ispirati a Un tè di Matti di Alice in wonderland