Carlos Atoche

A melting pot of cultures flows in the blood of Carlos Atoche, artist born in 1984, born of an Argentinean mother and Peruvian father. His approach to art dates back to his childhood. From an early age he remained for a long time observing the activity of his father's sculptor, specialized in the production of wooden masks.

When he reaches the age of majority he heads overseas and here his artistic vision crosses the beauties of the old continent. It is immediately impressed by the Italian pictorial and architectural wonders, so as to move to Rome shortly thereafter, a city where he graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts.

In the capital the desire to express his artistic talent grows vertiginously; the reminiscences linked to drawing and sculpture help him to define and to circumscribe in a clearer way the elements in the two-dimensional space of painting. In the years of frequentation of the academy he began to get interested in street art, a movement that was still not much in vogue, and his creative vein moved onto the walls and here he found fertile surfaces to express himself on.

Painting in the street totally changes his perception, the connection that is established between art and the place in which it is realized is indissoluble as well as the relationship between artist and passers-by.

His palette brings together a set of cultures and experiences that allows him to create real open-air masterpieces. His intimate search translates into everyday thoughts and questions disguised as figurative elements. Like a shaman who connects the physical world to the metaphysical one, the artist tries to establish a deep connection between his desire to communicate and the recipients of his message, hoping to succeed in the difficult mission of "humanizing" more individuals, awakening the consciences and making everyone more aware of their creative essence.

The influences that we can find in his painting are manifold: from the unmistakable features of classical civilizations, to the spatial conceptions of the great Italian masters, from the distinctive style of the ancient South American cultures to the most contemporary conceptual interpretations.

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