Alberto D'Amico

Alberto D'Amico trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and then graduated in animation cinema with Giulio Gianini at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia where he taught for ten years. In 2016 he obtained a three-year degree in Aesthetics with Pietro Montani.
He has collaborated with several artists, among others: Massimo Arduini, Elisabetta Benassi, Paolo Canevari, Marco Colazzo, Avish Khebrehzadeh, Massimo Orsi, Marina Paris, Valentina Coccetti, making numerous artist videos.
His works have been presented in art galleries (Studio Stefania Miscetti, Galleria Sales by Norberto Ruggeri and Massimo Mininni, Galleria Pack by Giampaolo Abbondio), in museums (GNAM, PalaEXPO ', Pecci Museum in Prato) and numerous festivals, including in the Venice Biennale.
He has recently exhibited his works at A showcase of Giuseppe and Gianni Garrera. He participated in Transfusioni in 2020.
His research, while privileging the animation video as the main language implies different expressive languages, painting, collage, photography, installation. He is interested in the border territories, between art, cinema, writing and philosophy.
His works have been presented at numerous festivals, including the biennial cinema, the major animation festivals and broadcast on television channels.
In Studio Campo Boario, founded by him in 1991, he has hosted and conceived in collaboration numerous events of contemporary art, architecture, cinema, music, theater and more.
They wrote about him: Maurizio G. De Bonis, Bruno Di Marino, Raffaele Gavarro, Marco Giusti, Andrea Martignoni, Sabrina Perucca, Franco Speroni.

Video frames
Say it with flowers
My father read Nembo Kid - My father used to read Nembo Kid / and he too read it / but only because he / she read it / in 1966 my father is 40 years old / in 1966 Nembo Kid changes his name / in 1966 my brother is born / My father hates Superman / he has killed Nembo Kid according to him / and S on the chest is illegible, my mind muddles / Nembo Kid becomes Superman / ontological leap, / My father is subjected to my mother's diktat / No more comics / Little boys stuff / But neither I'm a kid I can read them / Illogical behavior / A superhero in black and white / on paper with less cotton / replaces Nembo Kid, which cleansed the city / Will moral guarantees still be valid?
Homage to Mario Merz

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