Ilaria Di Giustili

ILARIA DI GIUSTILI - professional photographer for more than 30 years and independent curator. Born in Rome in 1966. He lives between Rome and Pizzoli (AQ) where he draws his energy. With his camera, never intrusive, discreet and affectionate, it stops the most beautiful moments of the important days of the people he meets by chance or who commissions the photo shoot.

Master of Applied Art, graduated from the Ist. Art of Rome in artistic photography. He attended the seminar "The Writing with the Light" held by Vittorio Storaro at the Accad. Inter. Arts and Sciences and the image of the eagle and the Faculty of Architecture. He has participated in national and international collective exhibitions, photographic competitions winning prizes and obtaining honorable mentions.

His photographs have been published in various magazines such as photographing, AD, home, the photographer, the order of Malta's calendar 2016 – 2017, and have become photographic tales "MEMORABILIA".

He has curated and collaborated in the organization of photographic exhibitions, events and shows sponsored by the City of Rome and Pizzoli (AQ). "ALIVE" photographic exhibition of Michela Giannotti, Rome 2015. "With the eyes of Marco" photographic exhibition of Marco Farina, Rome 2016, whose proceeds of sales went to the ABS. Antea. Presentation of the book "Garofani" by Antonio Petrocelli in collaboration with the House Edit. Treditre, Pizzoli 2017. "Special meetings" show personal and presentation of the photographic book "MEMORABILIA", Pizzoli. 2017. "Assuming the happiness exists" theatrical performance by and with Anika Schluderbacher, Pizzoli 2017. "The choice of Lion" documentary film director Florence Mauro, Pizzoli 2017. Presentation of the book "The Hindsight of Us" by Maria Castaldo and Michele Gardoni edited by David & Matthaus, Pizzoli 2017. Discovering the mountains of Abruzzo trails, history and future "with Stefano Ardito (collaboration with the Arse Orion of Pizzoli), Pizzoli 2017 

A photograph of the photographic project "La Venere" is part of the Mediterraneum Collection.

Since 2018 he has curated events in the Giardino Segreto Gallery in Rome, the garden of his home where he holds meetings and courses dedicated to photographers.

From 2020 he collaborates with Penelope Filacchione's Galleria ArtSharing Roma.
Venus, a project begun in 2014. A path to show the essence of the woman. Sculpting with light the femininity, the beauty, the strength of the woman's nature. That natural light coming from my bedroom window making it soft and kind. The woman's body, a wonderful architecture that gives life, provides emotions and suggestions, desires. It is the goal to reach and cherish. She is the goddess of love and fertility, she is both mother and lover. Every woman owes herself a hug, but even more must receive it from those who say they love it, from those who want to conquer it. 22 October 2018 during RAW, Rome Art Week the week of contemporary art with a personal exhibition
The Il Giardino Segreto Gallery is a challenge for me, for the artists, for the public, and for the client. In this place I would like to change, even if only for a moment, the way we have always thought and conceived the exhibitions. My challenge is against

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