Ilaria Di Giustili's Open Studio

Photo exhibition "AROUND ME"

Authors: Ilaria Di Giustili and Fabrizio Ferri

AROUND ME is a collection of photographs taken over the years. Unique, unrepeatable shots, because I found myself in the right place at the right time. One click to stop for a moment. A light that caught my attention. Where my gaze could not reach Fabrizio Ferri's. Me with my "feet on the ground" and he with his "head in the clouds". Those clouds that envelop the Gran Sasso at sunrise and sunset. Those clouds that go looking for or wait.


At the Giardino Segreto Gallery Rome, Via Gregorio XI, 122,from 25 October to 7 November. Vernissage Saturday 30 October from 17:00 to 20:00 the authors will be present.Free admission. Days and times: the exhibition will be open only by reservationfrom 17:00 to 20:00

FABRIZIO FERRI Born in L'Aquila in 1974. He grew up and lives among the highest peaks of the Apennines. The charm and majesty of the Gran Sasso led him to combine his passion for hiking with photography. As self-taught he studied the subject and found himself with remarkable technical-artistic and meteorological knowledge. His photographs have been exhibited in New York in a group show; at Expo 2015 in Milan in the pavilion dedicated to Abruzzo and Vinitali in Verona. In 2017, in L’Aquila, his first solo show. In 2021, also in his city, the second solo exhibition "Question of Clouds" which will also be exhibited in Rome during RAW 2021 (the week of contemporary art at the end of October) at Ilaria Di Giustili's Giardino Segreto Gallery.

ILARIA DI GIUSTILI Professional photographer since 1986 and independent curator. Born in Rome in 1966. She lives between Rome and Pizzoli (AQ) where she draws her energy. With his camera, never intrusive, discreet and affectionate, he stops the best moments of the important days of the people he meets by chance or who commission him the photo shoot. Master of Applied Arts, graduated from the Ist. Art of Rome in artistic photography. He attended the "Writing with light" seminar held by Vittorio Storaro at the Accad. Inter. Arts and Sciences of the Image of Aquila and the Faculty of Architecture of Rome.  He has participated in national and international group exhibitions, photographic competitions, winning prizes and obtaining honorable mentions. His photographs have been exhibited in various group and personal exhibitions and published in various magazines. He has curated and collaborated in the organization of photographic exhibitions, events and shows sponsored by the Municipality of Rome and Pizzoli (AQ). A photograph of him is part of the Mediterraneum Collection. Since 2018 he has curated events in the Giardino Segreto Gallery in Rome, the garden of his home. From 2020 he collaborates with Penelope Filacchione's Galleria ArtSharing Roma




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