Paola Romoli Venturi

Paola Romoli Venturi was born in Rome, where she lives and works. Her artistic research is linked to the value of transparency as a means of communicating. 'Transparency and suspension predispose the visitor to "look through", not to take his eyes off to observe things to reflect' this is the inspiring thought of her performances and installations exposed in Italy and abroad. In her work she touches on social themes, creating spaces designed by light shadows and sounds, using different expressive pictorial sculptural means, video audio and site specific performative installations. Among her projects: Traspaquadri (2004/2006), mOlecOle e madre natura (2007), instant art_vedova di guerra_Alessandra (2008), La Sentenza_Das Urteil  (2009/2010), instat art_SI=NO (2011) PTV_ Paola Trash Vortex (2012/2016) SALVA LA TUA BALENA! (2013/2019) ARMA LETALE (2015/2019) MANTRAreading (2015/2019) WE(2016) Caos, caso, osa, sa, o. (2016) MEMORIE: MAIN MEMORY, BY HEART, PAR COEUR (2017). Saluti da Carrara! (2018/2019) In 2019 she created the performative project ROVESCIARE for the MACROasilo in Rome. In 2020 during the lockdown she made the DIARIO_dichecoloreè? Among her ongoing projects the performative sculpture MEMORIALE and the transfusioni project. She currently works on the concept  il cappello del momento! (the hat of the moment!) and at the poject Non riesco a tornare a casa (I can't get back home) and she created the installation 4finestre.In 2022 she will exhibit the work BASOLO’s View (2019) in Amsterdam.

AD PINEAM 2016 _Roma_ ph M Adinolfi
ISOLA Torano_2015_Torano Carrara_ph M.Adinolfi
madre natura_2007_ph M Adinolfi
MEMORIE: MAIN MEMORY, BY HEART, PAR COEUR_2016_marmo (Statuario Carrara Bianco, Rosso di Francia Languedoc), testo inciso, acciaio inox 316 Super Mirror 2mm. pietre 24x30x16 - ARA 60x150x30_ph Marcello Leotta

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