Vallicelliana Project Showcase

The project invites the artists to confront themselves with a closed space

Is it possible to develop an artistic project in the small dimensions of a case? Twelve artists respond to this question by joining the collective Vallicelliana Project Showcase in the Salone Borromini of the Biblioteca Vallicelliana, curated by Paola Paesano and Eloisa Saldari. The exhibition, realized for the 2018 edition of RAW-Rome Art Week, sees the participation of the artists Francesco Castellani, Franco Cenci, Maurizio Cesarini, Francesco Impellizzeri, Federica Luzzi, Escuela Moderna/Ateneo Liberatorio, Jasmine Pignatelli, Francesca Romana Pinzari, Paola Romoli Venturi, Maria Ángeles Vila Tortosa, Delphine Valleys, Emiliano Zucchini.

Vallicelliana Project Showcase translates into a case the large dimensions of a Project Room where generally the artists are called to work in. The bulletin board dictates the space at work, influences its definition and participates in its realization, stripping itself of the mere function of a container. The historic windows that characterize the furnishings of the Borromini salon, the very heart of the Biblioteca Vallicelliana, and which traditionally exhibit ancient volumes and precious documents, show the artists the place where to design and set up an exhibition of unusual dimensions.

The reduced scale the twelve artists had to work with is a challenge, a game, a wink to the lightness of measured contaminations. Each artist goes into the particularity of a concept, to create an exclusive and close dialogue between the work and the space. In a two-way agreement, the artist’s mini-rooms summarize the dialogue between the display cases and the Borromini’s great hall, creating a unique and syncretic work.

The Vallicelliana Library, promoter of many cultural initiatives, is a living and open reality, ready to support and produce projects, ideas, ferments. In this case, the goal is to activate a virtuous circle of artistic and cultural exchange and comparison between some new trends and one of the most fascinating places of the vast Italian historical and artistic heritage. Borromini’s space dedicated to bibliographic conservation and research, enters into a relationship with expressive forms of the present, contributing to an interpretation of the contemporary.




from the 22nd to the 31st October 2018

FINISSAGE: wednesday 31st October 2018 from 5pm to 7pm


Organization: Biblioteca Vallicelliana


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