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The Social Promotion Association "Spectre" since its founding in 2019 has been involved in promoting artistic and cultural activities in the field of visual and performing arts. In 2022, within SPECTRE was born the project "ARS AUREA" Bottega delle Arti; a project focused on the rediscovery of those artistic and craft techniques, which are part of the historical and cultural heritage of our country. Thanks to the collaboration with the artists: Gianluca Bagliani for figurative sculpture; Alessandro Fornaci for engraved graphics and fine art printing; and Loreta Cirillo for painting, fresco and mosaic, numerous educational projects of the highest level have been developed, given the high level of professionalism and experience of the teachers listed above. Located at Vicolo della Penitenza, 15 in the Trastevere district, the workshop aims to become a point of reference for educational dissemination and specialization in the techniques of the figurative arts within the disciplines, sculpture, graphics and painting, exhibiting both the works of the masters and the students, with demonstrations and practical laboratory activities.