Galleria Riccardo Boni

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With over twenty-five years of experience, Riccardo Boni is a dealer and agent in Old Masters and Modern paintings and drawings.

With a passion for unusual and rare works of art, he offers selected pieces ranging from 16th to 21st century, and not rarely, sculptures.

His research is focused "on the Work", on the quality and rarity of the single object, ranging from the Flemish painting of Adrian Coorte to the contemporary poetry of Etel Adnan.

He is curator of Nedda Guidi Archive, the Italian Master Ceramic Sculptress and solo agent of the contemporary artists Elena Pinzuti e Lucia Crisci.

Amongst his notable sales and discoveries : six exceptional and historical works by Luca Giordano ,a rediscovered masterpieces by Sebastiano Ricci, "La Verità" di Antonio Mancini, and also Benigne Gagneraux, Gaspar Van Wittel, Antonio Mancini, Alfred Munnings, David Hockney, and the french caravaggist Claude Vigno