Roberto Gramiccia

Roberto Gramiccia, writer, art critic, journalist, doctor, was born in Rome where he lives and works. It has been divided between responsibilities and senior positions of health care and a journalistic, study and literary activity concerning artistic and humanities in the broadest sense. was for more than ten years Director of Health for a complex Structure, gaining particular experience in the field of issues related to study, care and assistance in the world of fragility. This experience bases his reflections on the relationship between human suffering and creativity and is the basis of his original theory of fragility.

He has curated numerous and important exhibition events including, between 1996 and 2015, eight major exhibitions on Tano Festa, Pizzi Cinnamonella, Cloti Ricciardi, Lucilla Catania, Giacinto Cerone, Lucilla Catania, Franco Mulas and Pizzi Cinnamon (important solo exhibition in Havana) and a large number of group exhibitions including Seminar, Anomie del tempo e dell’ spazio, Doppia Coppia. Homage to Renato Caccioppoli, What a hundred flowers outlet, Try and try again, Walking barefoot.

He published, in 2000, Medicine is sick. The story of an art crisis (Gangemi, winner of the Vanvitelli Prize); in 2002, Polyptychs 2001-2002 (Ed. Gli Ori); in 2004, The rule of disorder. Renato Caccioppoli, a rebel mathematician (Editori Riuniti); in 2005, La Nuova Scuola Romana. The six artists of via degli Ausoni (Editori Riuniti); in 2009, Fragili Eroi. Portraits of artists. (DeriveApprovals); in 2011, The World of Worlds. A painting by Pizzi Cinnamon (Carte Segrerete); in 2012 Slot art Machine (DeiveApprodi); in 2013 La massacge degli innocenti (Ediesse); in 2014 Art and power. The world will save the beauty (Ediesse) and Life of a Neapolitan mathematician (EIR, selected among the three prizes classified, Premio Fiuggi). In 2009 he made a documentary film on the New Roman School, entitled I sei artisti di via degli Ausoni, selected by the Visual Arts section of the International Festival “Doc Fest”. In 2016, the Bilotti Museum in Rome dedicated to him and his art collection the exhibition entitled “Fragili heroes. History of a collection “(for the care of Alberto Dambruoso) which was visited in two months by more than 11,000 people. Among the founders of the Cultural Association Hidalgo Arte, she actively collaborates in the online newspaper of this Association. activates its own FB page.

He has worked with numerous magazines. For over twelve years he has written about art, culture and medicine (hundreds of reviews and artist profiles) in a national newspaper (“Liberazione”). Currently editor of the magazine “La Constituente”. For him, the artistic-literary and health interests have always represented two sides of a single medal.

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