A group of artists which shout: DANGER

We are living in a suspended way, in the unknown for the future. The pandemic has changed our habits and above all, our certainties. Social isolation and confinement have made us vulnerable and our brain has suffered a sort of short circuit and inevitably a permanent red zone has been triggered. Fear is always lurking there and creeps into our life, certainties have vanished but life goes on "almost" normally. The red zone has crept into our hearts and closes us to the hope of tomorrow. Our life made up of everyday life, of simple things, of human involvement, of freedom, seems to have undergone a shock.

"Red Zone" is a contemporary art exhibition that involves a group of artists who scream together: "DANGER !!".

The danger that a life in a red zone can become normality, the danger that the red zone can become a lifestyle, the danger that the red zone becomes a status of lack of freedom. The historical period we are experiencing creates anxieties, depressions and panic and only through beauty and optimism a future can be planned. This is why art comes towards us, helping us to catch a glimpse of the sun after a bad storm. Art can restore that psychological well-being that also helps to improve physical health. Scientific studies have also shown that art stimulates the secretion of the hormone of happiness, giving us that feeling of reward and well-being and makes us less lonely.

The artists invited to participate in the Red Zone art exhibition will show us how art, in its multiple languages, is the best medicine to find our balance. Their expression of beauty will be a ray of light while everything around them seems dark. The exhibited works will compose an artistic choir of extraordinary echo and the viewer will immediately have a new and different perspective of the world around him. This art exhibition aims to highlight the best side of life in all its facets and be a source of encouragement and hope for the future.

Let's make sure that the red zone, which has crept into our mind, does not become a permanent wound which blocks our future but only an indelible scar that remains there only to remind us of the bad time we lived.


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