Antonio Lavorgna

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For the Samnite, Antonio Lavorgna, born in 1976, the subject and his weight are just creative games and as such easily mouldable by his fast eyes guiding his long fingers.

He begins to know the plasticity and the strength of the hot work of metals by his father Mario, master of the iron. He has an artistic career sometimes complicated but additional with other subjects, with other creative ones.

True musical expert, the rhythm and vibrations of an instrument lead him to proceed the iron sculpture. He adapts several techniques including the fusion by means of a welding machine, using electrodes, he puts together result elements of the notching machine, plasm and he fight the hostility of matter, of reality, creating minimal works of balance titled ‘I Mol-Caster’.

The oxidation of metals pours into his pictorial production that oscillates from the most unbridled abstractionism to the primordial figurative, everything will allow him to generate a suitable catalyst to create stable pigments of oxides of different metals on different surfaces uniting thus painting and sculpture.

He knows, always playing, in the laboratory of Art Design Candle Store in Rome, the opposite of iron strength and rod, the malleable and even more temporary mass, the wax. Here there is the boom with his creativity and he spreads his style evolving in techniches.

Over the years he remains a very reserved artist, of a ‘warm’ sensibility, hard to trace, daily he deepens his knowledge of graphic, the Digital Art, the design, the engraving, the sculpture and the abstract painting.    


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