Manuela Scannavini

Born in Rome, Manuela Scannavini is a sociologist. In 2007 she began her artistic career by attending studies of artists who stimulated her to continue her research that ranges between craft and painting courses. In particular, she approaches the world of fake marble decoration to move on to various drawing, painting, printing techniques with manual techniques on fabric, paper and lithography on synthetic support. She creates a brand and its own line of designer sweaters, sharing the project “CalzeAdArte” with the stylist Elena Binni.

In collaboration with a company in Turin, Livingdecò, she presents its works as wallpapers. In constant evolution, today she is committed to the creation of artist jewelry using the lost wax technique. She collaborated with the poetess Laura Anfuso for poetic leaflets and a sculpture with a strong tactile impact donated for charity to the “Gian Franco Lupo” Association in the occasion of a collective exhibition in Matera in 2017. She collaborated with his friend and artist, Alice Valente Visco, for the installations. She is an artist Aiapi - International Association of Plastic Arts Italy - and she is one of the artists of the SCART project, a network involving architects, artists and designers. Her art ranges between abstract and conceptual themes, uses mixed assembly and installation techniques; she is already appreciated by collectors in Rome and in Turin. In 2020 she was included in the second edition of the prestigious Atlas of Contemporary Art by De Agostini.


Artist and sociologist, with an eclectic temperament, she is endowed with a deep sensitivity and ability that lead her to create projects with artists she esteems, which is highly appreciated. She knows the dualities, the alternatives, the opposites and, then, choosing means having reasons in hand to know how to decide. He attended studies and art spaces. Her works are the result of several years of experiments on plexiglas, wood, paper, metal meshes, natural and waste materials. Her mixed impression techniques and informal signification and signal gain the consideration of "insiders". It is within the "SCART" circuit of artists, a network involving young artists, designers, architects. Today, she creates a line of designer jerseys and is collaborating with a company in Turin to produce wallpapers with a strong emotional impact; art can come from different sources and distribute significant impulses.(Maurizio Vitiello)

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