Louise Roeters

 Louise Roeters is born 1957 in Zevenhuizen a small place in Holland. She is living and working i Rome.

She has studied art of textile in Leeuwarden where she  had her first exibitions. In 1983 she begins the Academy of art to study design and painting.

Two years later she opened a laboratory of textile with her friends where she designed costumes for theaters and shows.

She has exibitions in several places in Holland (Roden, Groningen and Leeuwarden).

She started to live in Italy and stopped painting....

But finally Louise had an exibition in Rome at the place of Capodarco, a cooperative. Her work had a lot of success. The newspaper "Unita": "Formes and colors are the basical principles of her artwork. A lot of times she is just painting with her hands to get the idea of three-dimensionality. In this way she gets an accent on the round and full forms of the female figures".

She has participated ad competations like Celeste Price,Premio Terna. Was a finalist of the competation "Iside".

Exibitions in the Gallery "Centro Arte Castel Gandolfo" and the library Odradek of Pomezia.

She starts to paint on tinfoil and later on to work also with paper mache.

Exibition in Zwolle (Holland) Gallery "Cameleon", December 2016 till June 2017.

Common Exibition at Rialto Rome with the artwork "Latte" (Milk), October 2016

Exibition  at the theater S. Caspare Del Bufalo Rome with the artwork "Donne", October 2017.

Exibition at Me.sia S.pace -arte contemporanea- Rome with the artwork "duecentoundici donne in piazza", May 2018.




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