Stefania Di Filippo


In describing his work he is still recognized in the special mention of GianlucaMarziani at the Premio Celeste 2005:

"....... a maturity between experimentation and memory, oriented to inner journeys,to subjective emotions, to the ways in which body and context interact".


He was born in Rome, where he currently lives and works.

Initially the passion for beauty and creativity and probably the influence of thesartorial environment in which she grew up, led her to enroll after technical

maturity in the two-year specialization course of the Lazio region as a fashion designer and to practice this profession for several years collaborating with few

high fashion houses.

Since 2001, after the loss of his father, he feels the need to express and develophis artistic sensibility in the field of painting, thus beginning a path

of personal training and research under the guidance of various artists including the painter Alberto Parres and the sculptor Giacinto Cerone. He attended

with great passion the advanced painting courses of the Master Tullio De Franco for many years at the Academy of Fine Arts RUFA (Rome

University of Fine Arts) actively participating in the cenacle that was created around his figure.

In recent years he has been  interested in experimenting with ceramics, taking up the tradition thaw had  been interrupted by the death of his Master Giacinto Cerone, he attended some

workshops at Officine Saffi with important international artists such as Robert Cooper and Owen Quinlan.

 Main Personal Exhibitions

2017 ME.SIA S.PACE Roma - Incontro con l'artista

2016 Open Studio Roma 1° edizione RAW Rome Art Week - Similitudini

2013 Galleria L'Acquario Rome - LOOKING FOR INFINITE by Alberto Dambruoso

2009 Palazzo dei Portoghesi Rome - SURVEY FROM SOTTOSUOLO by Andrea Romoli Barberini

2008 Rufartgallery, Rome - LA VERTIGINE DEL VUOTO by Andrea Romoli Barberini

2007 Galleria Fyr Firenze OVER 3

2005 Palazzo Medici Clarelli Roma - THE VOICES OF DENTRO by Andrea Romoli Barberini

 Main group exhibitions

2019 MACRO ASILO Roma - To sleep, to die, perhaps to dream

Complesso Monticello Roma - L'Infinito - più vicini all'universo dove annega il pensiero

Officine Nove Roma - Dangerous kindness project La gentilezza è pericolosa

Galleria Gard Roma - Exclamation

Galleria d'Arte Triskelion P.zza Armerina EN - Exclamation

2018 MACRO FACTORY Pelanda Space - Virtus

2017 Art Study Outside Center -
Earth Mother Earth

 ME.SIA S.PACE - Meeting with the artist

2016 MACRO FACTORY Pelanda Space - Grammelot

Ca 'dei Carraresi Museum Treviso - Review of Contemporary Art

Art Study Outside the Center - Di-versi Di-segni

2015 Ex Cartiera Appia RM - Appiam'15 - The image of the sound

2014 Centro Culturale Zerouno - De Nittis Barletta Foundation - To get an idea

2013 Officina Clandestina presents Takeawaygallery in Leuven - Belgium

Pastificio Cerere Foundation - Spazio LAB, Rome - SPAM! Artist postcards

2012 RANAROSSA 3.0 - Infinitely Mutable

2011 Monumental Complex Sant'Andrea al Quirinale Teatro dei Dioscuri Rome

2010 New Headquarters of the Conservatory of Music Alfredo Casella L'Aquila-Sinestesie Prize

 Palazzo Weedekind Rome - Exhibition of Sketches of Cowparade Rome 2010

 Spazio Eventiquattro Milan - AAM - Accessible Art Milan

2009 Gallery 196 - The Berlin Wall (13 August 1961/9 November 1989)

 Foundry of the Arts Rome - Trentapertrenta = Novecento

 Primopiano Gallery Lecce - Queen of Hearts

 Galleria Italarte Rome - Feelings and Passions

2008 Spazio Ottagoni Rome - Artists in the round

2007 Anti-aircraft shelter Eur offices building, Rome - The mirror, the spinning top, the astragals

FAO World Food Day Rome - 100 works for the right to food - exhibition in honor of the International Conference on the right to food

2006 IPSAR Istituto degli Portoghesi Rome - ART FOR AFRICA - exhibition in support of AMREF and "Il Sole Sotto"

2013 - New Possible Worlds # 2 - photographic memories on handmade paper - 42x53
2016 - UNTITLED LIGHT 97x60
2016 New Possible Worlds MAT # 1 photo memories and acrylic on 100x60 canvas and n.3 works on handmade paper  32x42
Black and Red Fragile Clays 20x42 black refractory clay - 18x38 glazed earthenware

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