Laura Grosso

Laura Grosso lives in Rome, where she works as a painter. His works are part of private and public collections, in Italy and abroad.

Born in Bari, she moved to Rome in 1966 and here she completed her professional training attending the artistic high school in via Ripetta and the Academy of Fine Arts. Immediately after high school, in her first solo show at the Sporting Club Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari, she exhibited a series of symbolist tempera works.

At the Academy he attended Alberto Ziveri's course, acquiring a diploma in Painting with honors in 1978 and starting a fully figurative path, the first results of which were shown in 1980 at the Borghese Pavilion in Rome. In the same years he perfected his study of the figure by drawing from life during Enzo Cosimi's dance theater exercises.

At the end of the 1980s he began his experience of painting en plein air in the Tuscan countryside and then in Chicago. With the urban views he participates in various group exhibitions in the United States and in 1996 in a solo exhibition in the Eastwick Art Gallery in Chicago.

On his return to Rome he exhibited some small works on color in Pino Casagrande's house-museum. Since 1997 the “Roman Urban Landscapes” have established themselves in the many personal and group exhibitions created by the Silvie Andrè Gallery in Rome. In the early 2000s he began to tackle the theme of "Humans" bathers which over time became his most prolific theme, alongside the countless life studies of landscape and still life. This theme is shown in many exhibitions and open studios.

In 2007 he opened his Painting Studio with the name of "Lectio Divina Painting" where he transmits the art of painting to a constantly expanding group of students. Through this experience he founded two groups of painters who share a love for painting: "Painters united for painting" and "AA.VV.Picturae".

With the Huber & Treff gallery in Iena he takes part in the “Plein Air Symposium” in Palestine and Toulouse and with other institutions he participates in en plein air painting initiatives in China and Rhodes. Through these experiences he paints and exhibits in the places he visits. In September 2019 he created a large solo exhibition with oil works on the most recent theme "People" in Bari, in the Baart Gallery, which currently represents her.

Bathers 2020 / oil on canvas 80 x 100 cm.
Dancers - acrilic on paper 70 x 50 cm.
Bathers 2020/3 - oil on canvas 70 x 50 cm.
Games, three oil on paper 90 x 65 cm.

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