Laura Grosso

RAW OPEN STUDIO "Studies and Entertainment" Tuesday 21st and Saturday 26th October 2019 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm

Visits are allowed on Tuesday 22 October 2019 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm.
On the other days of the Rome Art Week it is possible to view the works by appointment, by booking at 342 961 7510.

I present exercises made to drawing, pastel, watercolor, gouache, acrylic and oil, performed for the sole pleasure of painting, together with Anthony Lombardi, with whom I share the Study - and life - for over thirty years. 



Laura Grosso

Short biography


Laura Grosso was born in Bari in 1955 and has lived in Rome since 1966.

She graduated from the Primo Artistic Lyceum of Rome. She then trained under the guidance of Alberto Ziveri, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, where she received her diploma in Painting in 1978.

She has lived in the Tuscan countryside near Florence and in Chicago deepening her en plein air painting experience.

Since 2007 her roman Studio is a painting workshop in progress, in which apprentices and painters are welcomed and gathered. In 2010 she founded the group of international painters "Painters united for painting" on Facebook.


Her works are currently on permanent display in the National Museum of Hangzhou in China, in the Virus Art Gallery in Rome and in the BaArt Gallery in Bari and have been shown in Rome, Bari, Toulouse, Chicago, Florence, Venice, Hangzhou, Beit Jala, Genoa, Bolzano, Berlin, Tokyo.

Laura Grosso 2019, watercolor on paper 12x32  cm.
Laura Grosso 2019, gouache on paper 18x26 cm.
Laura Grosso, gouache on paper 30x23 cm.
Laura Grosso 2018, gouache on paper 23x31 cm.