Incontri romani

group exhibition

Tornabuoni Arte Roma

Tornabuoni Arte Roma

Tornabuoni Art is glad to announce the opening of the fall season in Rome with the show ‘Incontri Romani’.

Opening on the 21st of September, the exhibition aims to depict the relationships, discussions, and artistic camaraderie among artists that flourished in the restaurants, studios, taverns, and burgeoning art hubs between the mid 1940s and the 1980s.

By retracing the streets, restaurants, studios, taverns, new art venues and nightclubs, this exhibition aims to give a glimpse of the moments and encounters that marked the capital’s cultural life through the works on display.

The narrative unfolds within the elegant Roman salons, the renowned Caffè Greco on Via dei Condotti, and the once-existent Aragno on Via del Corso. Join us for a stroll from Caffè Rosati in Piazza del Popolo to its counterpart and rival, Caffè Canova, passing by Cesaretto – fondly known as “The King of Friends” – on Via della Croce, and Menghi at the beginning of Via Flaminia. The journey continues from artists’ studios, the Art Club on Via Margutta, to Age D’Or on Via del Babuino, ending with the Piper on Via Tagliamento and the Rai studios – a rich and various combination of locations.