Art & Words

ART & WORDS - Dedicated to Remo Remotti From Friday 20 October to Saturday 4 Nov

Composition of Works

Composition of Works

Collective exhibition of contemporary art, curated by Sonia Mazzoli Marina Zatta, where the common denominator is the union of the work with the word, understood not only as a real word, but as verse, poetry, sometimes imaginary, unconsciously connected to the work itself. Now in its 17th edition and included in the RAW - Rome Art Week 2023 circuit, it is one of the exhibitions that the Gard Gallery proposes on an annual basis. The godfather of the project was Remo Remotti, Roman actor, poet and artist: after his death he it was decided to dedicate future editions to him. during the exhibition period particular attention will be paid to the word, with readings, theatre, music and more.

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Artists not present in this edition