Make Night

Caravaggio, Lai, Piangiamore, Sereni, Tamburi, Turco

The collective exhibition develops starting from the 2010 work Stella by Ennio Tamburi (Jesi, 1936 – Rome, 2018), one of the numerous night and starry skies that the artist from the Marche painted in the last years of his existence, bringing together thousands of very minute dots on large Indian maps. By launching a cycle of works dedicated to the theme of darkness - in which the artist elaborates a pictorial proposal capable of reconciling the absolute, indefinite openness of the space of representation with the geometric and rigorous nature of the form - this work nourishes the relationship between a primary, mysterious and chaotic conception of the cosmos, and an orderly one, thinkable in terms of language and architecture.

The invited artists, called to dialogue with Tamburi's work, understand the surface as an opportunity to explore the abyssal cosmic space, tracing in it the signs, the traces, the symbols of our relationship with the unknown, which has always been the object of research aesthetic and scientific.