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A look at Rome in Street Photography version

MATTER OF MOMENTS by Stefano Mirabella

MATTER OF MOMENTS by Stefano Mirabella

Photography, in my opinion, is the synthesis between the representation of reality and the aphotographer is both actor and spectator. A stage full of situations, people and anecdotes that must be seen and understood. The imponderability, anarchy and unpredictability are determining factors that make the photographic investigation difficult, but absolutely fascinating. Curiosity and the liveliness of the gaze are the basis of every good photograph and are transformed into an unrepeatable opportunity to experience everyday life with a different spirit. Without this spirit, every scene would risk, as often happens, already being seen and reviewed. All the shots on display were taken in the city where I've always lived, this doesn't necessarily want to be a common thread, but it is absolutely important to me. Seeing something new in a place that, to my eyes, is "old" is a challenge that excites me and drives me to walk every day. Because it is only by walking and observing that a photographer who has chosen the "path" can continue to shoot and be amazed. Marvel and never allow habit to destroy the eye, this is what I try to be and this is what “Matter of Moments” wants to be. Stefano Mirabella



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