Chair Poetics

exhibition of artist's chairs and more about that iconic object

An exhibition of artists' chairs and a series of reflections on a highly iconic anthropological object

Concept: Eclario Barone, Claudio Bonuglia, Roberta Melasecca, Alberto D'Amico, Azadeh Shirmast.

On display are works, photos and installations by: Antonella Albani, Carmelo Baglivo, Eclario Barone, Marco Bernardi, Claudio Bonuglia, Alberto D'Amico, Ysabel Dehais, Nina Eaton, Francesco Ghisu, Emanuela Lena, Gulia Lusikova, Azadeh Shirmast, Silvia Stucky.

Performance: Protesa by Melissa Lohman

Theater interventions and readings: Andrea Dugoni, Giovanna Floris, Antonio Sanna, Chiara Serani, Marco Giovenale, Luigi Severi

Round table and discussions: Carmelo Baglivo, Bruno Lo Turco, Marina Scognamiglio.

video Sedia Sediola: images and scenes from films edited by Alberto D'Amico and Nicola De Simone, selected by Azadeh Shirmast

Studio Campo Boario, for the new edition of Rome Art Week presents an exhibition and a series of meetings dedicated to the theme of the "chair." This event is in continuity with our recent events, offering a deep reflection on an iconic object that has played a fundamental role in the anthropological development of humanity.
The exhibition features an extensive collection of artists' chairs, photographs and visual works depicting this extraordinary object, which has fascinated some brilliant minds in art history, including Van Gogh, Kosuth and Warhol. Through these works, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the evolution of the chair as an art object and cultural symbol.
But our initiative does not stop there. We have organized a series of talks involving designers, architects, philosophers and anthropologists. These experts will share their perspectives on how the chair has influenced and shaped society in extremely diverse areas. This will be an opportunity to explore the role of the chair in art history, architecture and culture, as well as in the broader context of human development.
Through the talks and the exhibition we will discover together how such a common object can have an extraordinary impact on our perception of the world and our own evolution. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to deepen your understanding of an object as ubiquitous as it is fascinating.


Artists not present in this edition