Luciana Levinton

Bahia - Rome - Buenos Aires / The architecture of Lina bo Bardi

[ph] Lalupa

[ph] Lalupa

The exhibition explores the work of Lina Bo Bardi, which the artist discovered while visiting the MASP in São Paulo in the early 1990s. Achilina Bo was born in Rome in 1914, studied architecture at La Sapienza University, moved to Milan where she worked with Gio Ponti, and in 1946 she married Pietro Bardi and they moved to Brazil, where she developed her career. The revelation of the work of this female designer and architect created a fascination for the artist and she found through her paintings and exhibition projects an opportunity to make it visible.

The subjects of the paintings are different urban plans in the center of Rome and Lina's built work in Brazil; Ancient plans of the city of Rome, the Glass House of Morumbi (1951), the MASP Museum (1968) and the SESC Pompeia Cultural and Social Center in San Paolo (1977 - 1986); the Solar de Unhao Popular Art Museum (1959-1963); and the Coati Restaurant in Ladeira da Misericordia, in Salvador de Bahia (1987). They are oil paintings on canvas.

The language of architecture requires knowing how to read it, the meaning of each type of line, the symbols, the representation in plan, in view, in section, in different perspectives and details. Know how to interpret it to understand what each shape represents. Instead in painting the logic is different, we read it through the shape, space and color, anyone can enter, read, see, interpret.

Credits Monica Antonietti