Water and Life

In occasion of Nile flood festival

The "Water and Life" exhibition curated by Salma Eltoukhy presents the works of Egyptian and Italian artists who establish an artistic dialogue between the Nile and the rivers of Italy.  An opportunity to create a cultural bridge and raise awareness, through art, of the importance of water as a fundamental source for life.

The Egyptian artists will show through their eyes what does the Nile River represents for them, an eternal river, source of water and life, which crosses Egypt and then flows into the Mediterranean, creating links between Egypt and the Italy. The Italian artists will present works that deal with water-related issues such as pollution, water shortages and the drainage of rivers.

In light of Egypt's interest in environment and sustainability, and its hosting of the UN COP27 world environment conference, the exhibition will be accompanied by a conference on Water which will take place during the finissage. The prof. Fausto Manes will hold a seminar on the water cycle and ecosystem services, Federica Simonetti will give advice on the re-use of water, and the event will end with a poem on the Nile by Claudio Monachesi

The exhibition is under the patronage of the Roman Aquarium and the order of architects, and in collaboration with Prof. Oriana Impei and the emeritus art critic and historian Francesco Gallo Mazzeo.


Artists Ahmed Abdelshafi, Alice Colacione, Anna Maiorano, Ana Paula Torres, Aya Muhammed, Eclario Barone, Eleonora Valeri, Ermanno Dosa, Geremia Renzi, Hesham Moawad, Khaled Desouki, Laura Isola, Matthias Omahen, Nariman Abobakr, Oriana Impei, Salma Eltoukhy


Artists not present in this edition