Circo Circuito - A Collective Exhibition

Paintings, ceramics and an installation in papier mâché - Circo Curioso

The circus invites us to enter a dream world studded with fantastic characters who are precariously balanced between reality and the impossible. 

As a kaleidoscope of contrasting sensations, the circus has inspired visual artists such as Matisse, Picasso, Seurat, Toulouse-Lautrec, Renoir, Degas, Calder, Chagall and many others. When an artist penetrates the upside-down world of the circus, s(he) comes face to face with nimbleness, tragedy, pranks, surreality, balance, nostalgia, virtuosity, magic, turmoil, laughter, dreams …. It’s just a matter of choosing and discovering myriad sensations.

Circo Circuito was created when several artists of the Garbatella neighborhood met up. Even though they come from diverse artistic disciplines, the artists Sandra Gianesini, Stefania Cecchetti, Marco Giammetti and Carol Hendrickson share a common wish – to lightheartedly explore the circus theme.

During the week of RAW, Circo Circuito will be open at both the Bottega of Spiritree in Piazza Vallauri, 5 and Sandra Gianesini’s Atelier of Art at Piazza Sauli, 5 . Visit Circo Circuito by taking a short stroll in the heart of historic Garbatella.  Along with the art work of the Circo Circuito’s promoters, both locations will host art work by numerous other artists including: Luis Serrano, painter;  Veronica Mantovan, ceramicist; Ambra Graziani, ceramicist; the “Bottegari” of Spiritree, sculptors in papier mâché.