karmen corak – philippe adrien MUTE DESIRE (desiderio sommerso)

Photographs by Karmen Corak and glass sculptures by the artist Philippe Adrien

Mute desire

Mute desire

“Perhaps everything is nothing but the landscape of our soul and perhaps it is the great work we are called to do that shapes that landscape. This symbolically invisible landscape seeks to reflect on the elusive and vital connections between man and nature - the landscape is understood as an integral chain between the outside world and the inner being. It represents the desire to look beyond the rational and the visible, to reveal, perhaps, something about us" 

Miyazawa Kenji


In harmony with the collections of the Andersen Museum, the MUTE DESIRE exhibition symbolically proposes an introspective landscape. Twelve color photographs by Karmen Corak and four molten glass sculptures by the French artist, sculptor Philippe Adrien reveal potential interactions between sculpture and photography, evoking in each medium what makes them so extraordinarily compelling.

The exhibition is curated by Maria Giuseppina Di Monte.




Artists not present in this edition