LIMEN | Cristina Falasca and Davide Viggiano

The artists present original works on the theme of the border and the limit.

LIMEN | Cristina FALASCA and Davide VIGGIANO

press release

LIMEN is the title of the new exhibition of Cristina Falasca and Davide Viggiano. It is setting up at the Cultural Association TRAleVOLTE in Rome from October 7th 2022. The exhibition project, curated by Maila Buglioni and Ivan D’Alberto, is the result of a partnership between the roman space and the YAG/garage Art Gallery in Pescara.

Cristina Falasca and Davide Viggiano will show new works focused on the theme of “border”, of “limit”, considered as a physical space and an abstract space.

The choice of term LIMEN arises from the affinities encountered in both authors’ artistic production in which the interest in social energy, that gives strength to the movements of change and transit, is clear.

Arnold Van Gennep was the first to introduce the concept of liminality. He was engaged in investigating the themes of marginality end the acceptance of individuals falling within unconventional social categories.

Arnold Van Gennep’s investigation speaks about passage rites from one state to another celebrated through the symbolic change of the “skin” or of an “armour”.

Our body, which is characterised by a thin epidermis, can turn out to be as tough and impenetrable as that of a tortoise shell; a materic limit that, most of the times, turns out to be a mental limit.

Cristina Falasca and Davide Viggiano investigate this thin border between the inside and the outside, between thought and matter.

Free of charge Exhibition

from October 7th to October 29th

General Timings: from Monday to Friday from 17.00 to 20.00.

Credits Alessandra Scerrato