Penelope Filacchione

What else can we say about something that is thousands of years old?

 There comes a time, living in a city like Rome, when you feel the past is bullying you and you long to break free. The Grande Bellezza is suffocating and Tristan Tzara’s quote “A work of art is never beautiful by decree” becomes ever more a part of you as time goes by. That is why, after having been close to artists for a long time looking for oxygen and for a glimpse at the future, you just loose interest in answering that question…

Why is it that I’m a curator by chance?

It might be the twenty odd years  teaching and promoting Art History; it might be the boredom of university bombast; it might be the stamina the audience still puts in going against all that is not yet history; it might be the need  to call on art that is coming to life instead of on the art that lays dead in books; it might be that  I forget names but never an image; it might be that I too want to understand where we are going; it might be my curious nature too….

First one, then two, then three artists, a text, a mention, a short review, a debate with the artist friend of the hour, an exhibition and then another…then came the trust. “My” artists have faith in me. They know I respect them because a long time ago I had a try at it, just to realize I feel better on the other side of the picture. Since then I have never stopped admiring and respecting those who try to earn a living making art out of intellectual honesty, truth and hard work.

For me and for them, because this city is however a tight fit, to find a way, a place and the right time to tell the story of their work, because if the artwork is invaluable it is the only thing that counts.

To reach as many people possible off the beaten track, to unhinge if possible The Church of Art (as Tom Wolfe called it).

Life History

The only known case of a student forced to go to Artistic High School by her post-1968 mom (quoting her: “Creativity gets lost, you can study Latin and Greek when you are older”). I finally studied humanities at University and specialized following my wishes.

Being presumptuous like only an 18- year old can be, I chose a systematic syllabus from classical times to our days and had my thesis assigned before acknowledging I loved most our days. I therefore participated in a post-graduate degree in classical studies. I loved it and still love it but finally I figured out that life is more than debating “how-many-angels-can-dance-on-the-head-of-a-pin "( Tom Wolfe)

 I feed on university students.

I stubbornly go on teaching in spite of the everlasting lack of job security because the students, with their questions, their energy and even with their apathy are nutrition for my soul. They are the best reason to go on for another day and find yet a new way to spread Art.

Having experienced to the bitter end the freak world of Roman Cultural Associations I have enhanced the skill of speaking to audiences from age 0 to 90, going on and on about art and artists to whoever wants to listen to me!

Someone once told me “it looks like you’re looking at the world from bottom to top (I am not tall at all) put actually you look at it from top to bottom” . This made me feel so proud because every day I earn my place in a world of giants, maybe not in a systematic way but always putting all my heart and my intellect into it, always trying not to step on others.

On  the Internet you will find my academic work, here you can read my work with artists.


What do I do?

I teach Art History at Scuole d’Arti e Mestieri di Roma Capitale. I am Holder of the chair of Archeology and Art History at Università Pontificia Salesiana, professor in the master for the enhancement of cultural heritage at Link Campus University-

Member of Research Unit “Beni Culturali & Cultural Heritage” at Digital Administration and Social Innovation Center (DASIC) at Link Campus University objective sustainable Development of cultural tourism using digital technology via the project ArteCultura con Trasporto.


After nearly thirty years working with cultural associations I have found my channel in the live phenomenon of Street Art holding educational workshops with OfficinArte and Monteverde Viva. The mural “La conoscenza vola” made by artists and students at Cesana School exhibited officially 30 May 2016 at the City Hall and then at the exhibition Beyond, OFFICINE MECCANICHE, INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL Street art (1-30 October 2016)


Since 2015 I have been working as art curator for institutions and galleries as Tri Mission art gallery, Galleria Ellebi Cosenza, Link Campus University.


 I thought out and still edit the project” Natale in Arte –perché regalando un opera si è felici in tre”. A Christmas Fair of affordable art for people not used to buying art. After the first generalist annual fair, the second was devoted to engraving and graphics, the third annual will take place in 2018. Titled “2D/3D” it will investigate the relationship between photography and sculpture created by the viewer’s perception considered as the 5th dimension “The viewer affects the system observed”


In september 2018 I started a non-profit named “Art Sharing Roma” with the aim of sharing art among artists and between artists and the public. 

Here the links to the gallery's activities in its first year of life

RAW 2018:

- Natale in Arte 2018

cyanotype workshop for children with the photographer Raffaele Alecci expert in ancient techniques:

Art in your pocket. Exhibition of affordable small art:

- Mese della Fotografia March 2019

Mese delle Fotografia Penelope Filacchione

- Exhibition: David Renka, Riflessioni, ArtSharing Roma Gallery 6-14 april 2019

- Vittorio Sordi, In her shoes. Performance and artistic installation at MAAM Museo dell'Altro e dell'altrove di Metropoliz_città meticcia, Rome 4th may 2019


partnership MArteLive ArtSharing

Exhibition: dap, Visionary Bridge - One Art Space Gallery TriBeca - New York 12-18 settembre 2019

Exhibition Valentina Maragnani - Il corpo delle donne - 27 settembre -13 ottobre 2019


23 Oct 2019 | 19:30
Rome. Fragments from a living city
Dialogue on unusual and poetic views of Rome in sculpture and photography
Free admission
ArtSharing Roma
Via Giulio Tarra 64 - Roma
23 Oct 2019 | 10:00
DAP - Ciaccerata immaginatopeica. Un progetto artistico partecipato
Sharing art at the Hospital INMI L. Spallanzani. Curated by Penelope Filacchione
Free admission
INMI Lazzaro Spallanzani
Via Portuense 292 - Roma
2 apponintments
22-27 Oct 2018 | 18:00
Chiara Pasqualotto - Morfologie Musicali
painting, audio/video, live painting, curated by Penelope Filacchione
Free admission
Link Campus University
Via del Casale di San Pio V 44 - Roma
24 Oct 2018 | 17:30
David Renka- Daily Art / Daily Life
Talk with the artist, curated by Penelope Filacchione
Admission only by invitation
Studio d'artista
Via della Pisana 330 - Roma
24 Oct 2018 | 19:00
David Renka- Daily Art / Daily Life , second appointment
Talk with the artist, curated by Penelope Filacchione
Admission only by invitation
Studio d'artista
Via della Pisana 330 - Roma
25 Oct 2018 | 18:00
Chiara Pasqualotto - Morfologie Musicali - Live Painting.
Live Painting & Talk with the artist - curated by Penelope Filacchione
Free admission
Link Campus University
Via del Casale di San Pio V 44 - Roma
4 apponintments