Caterina Vitellozzi

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Caterina Vitellozzi was born in Rome and she graduated in Chinese Studies. Art, its anthropological and social meaning across different cultures, is a passion that Caterina has cultivated during her travels and her career in communications. Mosaic, whose techniques she learned at Ravenna Gruppo Mosaicisti school, is the starting point of her artistic journey evolving towards experimentation and cross-fertilization of different art techniques: from classic mosaic procedures to the interdisciplinary modes of contemporary art. Caterina focuses her attention on the relationship between humanity, nature and the environment: her work suggests a pause for reflection and poses a challenge to achieve new balances for a sustainable and harmonious future. - "I like to choose, touch, cut and match different materials: from the warmer and more natural ones such as trees, stones, gold and fragments from Nature to the colder and harsher ones such as glass paste (Venetian smalti), marble, glass, iron and pieces of concrete. Combining these materials creates a new balance every time, a balance that communicates directly to our ‘innermost feelings’.“In particular, every work I create is unique, as I want to encompass visions of pure primary scenes, rich in light, energy and vibrations, that animate our sensibilities and our ability to contemplate, listen and share emotions”.

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