Marco Emmanuele

Marco Emmanuele (Sicily, 1986). Initially devoted to music research, in 2010 he decided to continue his studies in Architecture by moving to Rome, where he now lives and works. The artist creates works in ceramic, iron or glass, which revolve around the debris, a witness of the human attitude towards colonizing and altering places. The most recent research focuses on the performance and design of drawing machines, devices that show human-machine interference, otherwise defined as malfunction. In 2020 he was in residence in Lozio (BS) for Falía* artist in residence and in Terni for Radici, at Residenza La Fornace in Milan in 2019, and at Les Atelier Wonder-Liebert in Paris in 2018. He exhibited his works and performed performances in Italy and at abroad. Among the most recent exhibitions: Drawing machine #8 (Casa Vuota, 2020, Roma), Ionian Archaeological Archives (Bivy Space, 2018, Anchorage, Alaska), It was not me, It was not me (Wonder-Liebert, 2018, Paris), Rosina #0 (Limone Space, 2016, London).




Solo exhibition




Drawing machine #8 

Curated by Francesco Paolo Del Re e Sabino De Nichilo

Casa Vuota, Rome (IT)




Ionian Archaeological Archives

Curated by Daniela Cotimbo

Bivy space, Anchorage, Alaska (USA)


It was not me, It was not me (with Luca Grechi)

Curated by Les Atelier Wonder

Wonder-Liebert, Paris (FR)


Group exhibition




Prima necessità / Basic necessities (virtual group exhibition)

Curated by Nation 2.0, Spazio Y, ABC Art Collecrtive

Spazio Y, Rome (IT)


Da casa. Abitare il tempo sospeso (virtual group exhibition)

Curated by Cristina Dinello Cobianchi, catalogue by Anna Cestelli Guidi

AlbumArte, Rome (IT)



Curated by IED Arts Management School

Carrozzerie n.o.t., Rome (IT)




AlbumArte 20x20

Curated by Claudio Libero Pisano

AlbumArte, Rome (IT)


Art+B=Love Festival

Curated by Daniela Cotimbo

Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona (IT)


Beyond Borders

Villa Memo Giordani, Quinto di Treviso (IT)


Pendaison de Crémaillère

CampoBase, Turin (IT)



Curated by Edoardo Manzoni and Giada Olivotto

Residenza La Fornace, Milan (IT)




Switch the rules

Curated by Alessandro Dandini De Sylva

Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Rome (IT)




Natura Bianca

Curated by Daniela Perego

Galleria Interno 14, Rome (IT)




Rosina #0

Curated by Michela De Mattei and Diego Miguel Mirabella

Limone Space, London (UK)






Falìa, Valle di Lozio, Brescia (IT) 


Radici, Centro di Palmetta, Terni (IT) 




Residenza La Fornace, Milan (IT)




Wonder-Liebert, Paris (FR)



Marco Emmanuele, Drawing Machine n. 5, 2018, Performance
Marco Emmanuele, Drawing machine n. 6, 2019, Performance
Marco Emmanuele, Untitled, 2018, Ceramic and glass, Variable dimension (Detail of an installation made for
Marco Emmanuele, Forme radiose #3, 2019, glass powder oil and sand on canvas, 17x14 Cm

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