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Nino De Luca was born in Torre Del Greco (Naples) on 12 September 1965.

In 1983 he graduated from the  Art School of Rome and in 1988 he completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, in the Painting section.

In 1989 he founded the art association "Laboratori Incontri d'Arte" with two academy mates. His exhibition activity began shortly before the nineties.

On the occasion of his solo and group exhibitions they wrote about him:

Andrea Bonavoglia, Lorenzo Canova, Antonio Carbè, Silvia Cardi, Marcello Carlino, Leonardo Conti, Raffaele De Grada, Paolo D’Orazio, Vittorio Esposito, Giorgio Ficcarelli,Francesco Gallo Mazzeo,  Livio Garbuglia, Mario Lunetta, Gianluca Marziani, Silvia Pegoraro, Reinhard Pfingst,Stefano Ronca, Francesco Rossini,Laura Scognamiglio, Gabriele Simongini, Nicola Spagnoli, Chiara Strozzieri, Luigi Tallarico, M.O. Tudoran.

In 2005 he exhibited in Bucharest at the Romanian Ministry of Culture, an exhibition organized and promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Italian Embassy in Romania and the Italian Cultural Institute in Bucharest.

In 2007 and 2012 he was invited to exhibit in Sibiu (Romania) at the Brukenthal Museum, an exhibition curated and organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in Bucharest.

In 2019 he exhibited at the Pinacoteca Comunale "Antonio Sapone di Gaeta" a cycle of works from 2001 to 2019 in a personal exhibition curated by Marcello Carlino.

His works are present in private and museum collections in Italy and abroad.

Since 1990, being the winner of the chair of pictorial disciplines and art education, he has worked as an artist alongside his work as an artist.

Since 2008 he has taught pictorial and pictorial design at the Art Institute - Art School "Enzo Rossi" in Rome.

He currently lives between Abruzzo and Rome, where his studio is based.


1982 and 1984 Biennale di Alatri (FR)

1985 "Libero de Liberi" Painting Award - Settefrati (FR)

April 1986 "Arte" Award - Painting Competition promoted by Mondadori (MI)

May 1986 and 1988 "Diomira" Award - National Design Competition (MI) - 2nd place

March 1987 Personal exhibition - La Nuova Sfera Gallery (MI)

April 1987 Exhibition and collective auction in Arezzo curated by Ce.I.S.

August 1987, 1988 and 1989 "Libero de Liberi" Painting Award - Settefrati (FR)

March 1988 Malta Modern Art Biennale

April 1989 Participation in the selection for the exhibition "Young Artists in Rome 1989"

by the Municipality of Rome

May 1989 Participation in the International Multi-Media Art Competition 1989

New York (U.S.A.)

October 1989 Città di Cologno Award - Cologno Monzese (MI) - Awarded

October 1990 Autumn cultural meetings - Figurative and impressionist painting in collaboration

with the Association V’Ars - Hall of Honor of the Park Hotel –HYERES (France) (19 / 10- 10/11/90)

May 1993 Collective exhibition "Babylon" organized by Città Nova, at the

Global Village - Campo Boario, ROME

March 1994 Youth for European Art, EST-WEST meeting - Collective exhibition

at the Romanian Academy in Rome, Valle Giulia

July 1995 Youth for European Art - Collective Exhibition - National Theater of

Bucharest (Romania)

December1995 Personal exhibition - Castle of the sixteenth century of the Eagle – Catalog with presentation by Nicola M. Spagnoli

August 1997 Personal exhibition - Municipality of Norma (LT)

November 1997 Artexpo '97 - Fiera di Roma

March 1998 Personal exhibition - Remo Croce bookshop - Corso Vittorio - ROME

Catalog with presentation by Mario Lunetta

May 1998 Personal exhibition - L.I.A. - Art Meetings Workshop -

Villa Borghese - ROME

August 1998 NATIONAL CONTEST of works on paper - Laboratory Museum

of Contemporary Art of the Sapienza University of Rome.

May 1999 Personal Exhibition sponsored by the Municipality of Genzano in Rome - Museum


August 1999 32nd Vasto MITO-MITI Award curated by G. Simongini and C.F. Carli

Jul / Nov 2000 Traveling collective exhibition "Mediterranean Abstractions" by

  1. Simongini for the Dante Alighieri - Fiume – Albona – Pola – Spalato-Zara-Zagreb

May / Dec 2000 Collective exhibition “The Wings of God - Messengers and Winged Warriors between the East

and West ”Bari - Caen, edited by M. Bussagli and M. D’Onofrio with the

Superintendency for Heritage A.A.A.S. for Puglia

April 2001 "Mediterranean Abstractions" - by G. Simongini, Italian Institute of

Culture - Ljubljana

June 2001 Collective exhibition "OVERSEAS", critical text by Gabriele Simongini,

Rome at the Monogram Gallery, Via Margutta

June 2001 Collective exhibition "OVERSEAS", critical text by Gabriele Simongini,

Miami (U.S.A.) at the Italian Consulate

Oct / Nov 2001 "Mediterranean abstractions" - by G. Simongini

Accra National Museum (Ghana)

March 2002 Personal exhibition Monterotondo Municipality (Rome) - Campioli Gallery.

Edited by Vittorio Esposito

Apr / May 2002 “Three generations compared: Piero D’Orazio,

May 2003 "Poliedrico" - III Liceo Artistico Rome

June 2003 Cultural Association L.I.ART - Collective Artists Association

June 2004 "Specularamente" - 24 artists for 24 diptychs - Studio Arte Fuori - Roma

April 2005 Art in the name of L.I.ART Cultural Ass. - School Region project

Apr / May 2005 Ministry of Culture - Bucharest (Romania) - Exhibition

Staff by the Italian Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute in Bucharest

November 2006 The Italian Design in the 1900s - Museo V.Crocetti - Rome

April 2007 Personal exhibition Brukenthal Museum - Sibiu - Romania

April 2007 Humanitas Publishing House - Bucharest - Romania - Publication of book covers

July 2007 Il Sole Arte Contemporanea Gallery - Rome - Artists of the Gallery

Novem. 2007 Istambul - Turkey - Italian Cultural Institute "Segni di Confine"leria Gramiccia, edited by M. Vanni

Decem. 2007 Sign / Figure Gallery Il Sole Contemporary Art

March 2008 The Mitreo - Rome - "Segni di Confine" edited by M. Vanni

June 2008 San Giovanni Hospital - Radiology Department -

"The Immunization" by D. De Biase - Donation work for waiting room.

June 2008 Art on the throne - 40th anniversary of the Rome 2 Institute of Art

by A. Bonavoglia

May 2009 Art at school –Latina

May 2009 Artists for LUCHU - Bloomsbury Auctions - auction and exhibition – Rome

May 2009 Dialectics in the Field - by C. Strozzieri, Museum of the People - Pescara

October 2010 Personal exhibition –Lugano ristorARTE CYRANO - by the ass.cult.

Pangeart by L. Muller

December 2010 Municipality of Saracinesco (Rome), Comets and Angelic Choirs,

Installation of contemporary artists

May 2011 Donation work "Deposition with Angels" to the Community

Olivetan Benedictine - at the church of S.Francesca Romana- Rome

April 2012 Personal exhibition at the Brukenthal National Museum / Muzeul Naþional Brukenthal, Sibiu - Romania

September 2012 39th Premio Sulmona

November 2012 23rd Porticato Gaetano - Municipal Art Gallery of Gaeta

September 2013 24th Gaetano Portico - Municipal Art Gallery of Gaeta

March 2014 Temporalism - Tolentino - by Ivan D'Alberto

August 2014 Pescarart - Pescara - curated by Giancarlo Costanzo

September 2014 In the sign and in the colors - Museo Colonna di Pescara

March 2015 In Labore Fructus curated by Gian Ruggero Manzoni - Museo Colonna di Pescara

December 2015 25th Gaetano Portico - Municipal Art Gallery of Gaeta

April / July 2016, Propositum Artis, Itinerante exhibition curated by Gianluca Marziani, Armando Ginesi and Gianruggero Manzoni; at the Tactile State Museum Omero of Ancona (April), at the Palazzo dei Consoli in Gubbio (June), and at the Palazzo dei Capitani in Ascoli Piceno (July)

October 2017, 39th Gaetano Portico - Municipal Art Gallery of Gaeta

July / October 2018, Tribute to Bruno Canova, city of Fermo. Edited by Lorenzo Canova

51st Premio Vasto, curated by Silvia Pegoraro

Transfer of the Deposition with angels in the Cathedral of Avezzano (AQ)

October 2018, 40th Gaetano Portico - Municipal Art Gallery of Gaeta

May 2019 Nino De Luca works from 2001 to 2019 solo exhibition curated by Marcello Carlino at the Pinacoteca Comunale di Gaeta

September 2019 Paci Isernia Award curated by Lorenzo Canova

October 2019 Nino De Luca - Deep blue at Macro Asilo Roma curated by A. Bonavoglia

Il curriculum organico viene visualizzato solamente per gli artisti iscritti a CertArt che abbiano inserito le attività. Scopri di più su
Nino De Luca, Pieces of sky or pieces of the sea, diptych, 2011, mixed technique and gauze on tsvole, cm 200x 165

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