Gregor Becker

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Gregor Becker, after experiencing the traditional drawing and painting techniques and being dissatisfied with the relationship between the adopted "language" and the "message" transmitted, he invents his own technique to express his art. As autodidact he has always been inspired by artists who combine a profound knowledge of working materials, skill full craftsmanship with strong inspiration to express their artistic voice. For him art has to be a bit like haiku poetry. Evocative, embracing metaphysics with awareness and intuition. The insistence on the extreme dexterity of his technique together with the indifferent use of titles in different languages ​​attest to his intolerance towards languages “petrified" by technology or tradition. Dissolving the known and homologating codes for an empathic communication with the surrounding world is one of the reasons that drives him to make art. In his works fragments of sensations, perceived and experienced as in a "parallel" world that is deeper and more real than the reality captured by images. It is an open invitation to explore and reflect and engage in a dialog.  For more information visit il website 


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Detail - off the wall
Detail -  Skylight
Skylight  W 123cm - H 178cm
wayfinder  W 124cm - H 175 cm