Mauro Bagella

Mauro Bagella was born in Rome. He studied Composition with D. Guaccero and Electronic Music at the Conservatory Santa Cecilia. He also studied Double Bass, Baroque Vocal Technique and Diphonic Chant with Tran Quan Hai.  Graduated in Philosophy at La Sapienza, he has been teaching Theory and Practice of Music as well as Computer Music at the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome since 1983.

He has written numerous instrumental works, vocal and electroacoustic, music for theatre, dance, radio and the web. He has published the following CDs; Zone di confine / Border Areas, Artis, Il libro degli armonici / The Overtones Book, Galzerano; Di danza 1 and Di danza 2 For Dance, 1 and 2,  both for Galzerano. His compositions appear in many collective albums, the last, Ambienti sonori / Sound Spaces in the cd TRA of the Ensemble Intondo, Setola di maiale, 2017.

For music theatre he has composed: the first part of the work on Che Guevara, Che - "Cambiare la prosa del Mondo" / Che - "to Change the World Prose", text by L. Pestalozza, performed in the world première in Havana; L'ultima domanda / The Last Question, based on a libretto by M. Monna taken from Asimov's; the opera for children L’ingordigia punita / The Punished Greed, original text with M. Monna, become a ballet of the repertoire of the "Mimma Testa" Ballet Company; and the multimedia opera Arione, text and staging by M. Monna, performed several times and interpreted by himself with a voice of high countertenor.

He has collaborated several times with RAI RadioTre, curating and conducting Percorsi elettronici / Electronic Routes, a series of episodes on electronic music; and creating a cycle of short compositions inspired by science fiction, entitled Fantascene / Science Fiction Scenes.

He has worked with choreographers D. Capacci, S. Nifosi, P. Scoppettuolo and V. Versino creating music for ballets: Il Labirinto del mondo / The Labyrinth of the World, Tawantinsuyu, Porto sicuro / Safe Harbour, Volo fra pensieri di luce / Flight Between Thoughts of Light; Giulietta degli spiriti / Juliet of the Spirits; Monolocale vendesi / Studio for Sale; Corporei silenzi / Bodily Silences; Mother 0.3.

Repeatedly called to EMS (Electronic Music Studio) in Stockholm, he has composed there several works including Söder Mälarstrand 61, for guitarist Magnus Andersson.

As part of his research into sound, he has devised and patented a system for the production of harmonics for the piano, the P.O.P.System - Overtones Production System, presented to Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in Darmstadt in 1994 and used by many artists  in several parts of the world; among them Arvo Pärt (Rome, Parco della Musica, 2010).

With his P.O.P.System he created many pieces collected in Il libro degli armonici / The Overtones Book, among them Una dolcezza inquieta A Restless Sweetness, which has become a suggestive YouTube video thanks to the web artist OMaclac; and Sottili veli di nebbia / Thin Veils of Fog, in 2017 choreographed by Chinese dancer Nailong Song expressly for Fra Oriente e Occidente - Cloisonné d'uso / Between East and West - Cloisonné in Use  the exhibition of M. Monna. 

He has performed in concerts as a countertenor in the group Recitar Cantando directed by F. Razzi. He has also conducted the association Musica Verticale, with S. Tamburini, organizing festivals and curating exhibitions and publications.

Together with Marialisa Monna and Donatella Vici in 2002 he founded emmebifactory, a studio for the ideation, planning and realization of artistic works of culture and performance (

Between the last productions of emmebifactory, he created the music of Contrappunto a tre / Counterpoint to Three as part of  Roma Capitale Summer Solstice Night 2018, with music by M. Monna and video by D. Vici; on last August, together with  M. Monna, he created the music for Nero in Opera Black in Work, a performance-installation by D. Vici, inspired by Marguerite Yourcenar and selected for Land Art at the Furlo 2018.

In 2019 June he composed the music for the performance Auspicium by D. Vici at the Museo di Arte Contemporanea in Rome.

In 2019 October, with L. Monna, he created a sound environment for the S. Cammilleri video interactive installation Superproteic O... at the museum MACRO in Rome.



P.O.P.System - Piano Overtones Production System
Arione, multimedia opera, text (from Herodotus), staging and direction M. Monna; video D. Vici; music M. Bagella
The Hidden Sounds, for dijeridoo, diphonic chant, Jew's harp and electroacoustic processing
Four Well Tuned Arabesques, for violin, oboe, double bass, harpsicord and orchestra

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