Francesco Campese

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I was born in Avellino in 1986. The passion for painting was born right away also thanks to my mother who was able to motivate me. In 2005 I moved to Rome to follow the painting course held by Giuseppe Modica at the Academy of Fine Arts. During my studies, my interests focused more on the figurative aspect, going to investigate reality. In 2011, after the academy, I worked on a long series of works that, starting from urban scenarios, transcended reality and created mysterious architectural structures. In 2015, the first works on the interpretation of works by the great masters of the past were born (eg the last dinner of Leonardo, the Annunciation of Blessed Angelic or the studio of Antonello da Messina), emptied of all the elements I thought was superfluous including the human figure: architecture becomes subject. Today, after endless experiments, research has focused on the intrinsic aspect of painting; irrespective of the subject, my source of inspiration is the visible reality. Time, caducity of things, history buried under sediments of matter, are points of reflection that have always attracted interest. Much like this, it is my way of painting that goes to look for an image through color stratifications, and at the same time digging in them by tracing the underlying tracks. Today I live and work in Rome


20/05/2017 The experience of underground studio, collective painting, MLAC: Museum of contemporary art workshop, Sapienza University of Rome, curator Simona Pandolfi

21/03/2017 Tiny Biennale, Yellow, curator Susan Moore, Temple university, Lungo Tevere Arnaldo Da Brescia, 15, 00196 Roma

8/10/2016 CaveArtGallery, collective painting, via Santa Maria Maggiore 149, Rome

22/08 to 13/09/2015 FaroArte Gallery, Marina Prize, Ravenna

9/12 to 10/01/2015 Macro, urban art languages, via Nizza 138 Rome

16/05 to 31/10/2014 Collective, "Blindness, Paola Occhi Award", at the Multipurpose Center, Migliarino (FE)

1/05 to 15/06/2014 Collective, "Concordia award Basilio Casciella", at Delizie estense del verginese, Portomaggiore (FE)

17/01/2014 Inner space, Hybrida tunnel, via Reggio Emilia 32.

22/10 to 2/11/2012 De Pictura transits of the sublime, collective edited by Giuseppe Modica with critical text by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo, Temple University Rome Lungotevere Arnaldo Da Brescia 15.

18/10/2012 Facilities, painting staff, underground studio, via Capitan Ottobono, Pigneto open city.

25/5/2012 Painting collective, Studio Sotterraneo, Pigneto open city.

2012 Selection "Divag" Commission for the Dissemination and Enhancement of Young Contemporary Art, Municipality of Rome.

12/5 / 2012-23 / 5/2012 Painting collective, Underground, Hybrida gallery via Reggio Emilia 32 Rome.

28/4/2012 Collective, Artemisia, Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

21/12/2011 Cultural Association H.O.P.E. "Give an opportunity, realize a dream", in the presence of the chairman Gianfranco Fini, Chamber of Deputies, the Queen's Hall.

2011 ArtExpo Fiera, Arezzo.

2010 Art and Sport, IV International Competition of Sculpture and Painting, promoted by the International Olympic Committee, created by the Italian National Olympic Academy of the Onesti Foundation on behalf of Coni, Rome.

17/6/2010 National Award of the Arts, promoted by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, Naples


MAAM Catalog Museum of the Other and of the Elsewhere of Metropoliz, a mixed city, Rome

Marina di Ravenna Prize 2015 59th edition painting contest

De Pictura transits of the sublime, collective edited by Giuseppe Modica with critical text by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo, Temple university, Rome

Art and Sport, promoted by the International Olympic Committee carried out by the

Italian National Olympic Academy-Onesti Foundation on behalf of Coni, Rome

National Arts Award, promoted by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, Naples

After the last dinner 124.5x184.5cm oil on canvas 2015
Untitled 160x160cm oil on canvas 2017
Untitled 160x100cm oil on canvas 2017
After the annunciation oil on canvas 2017