Donatella Pinocci

Donatella Pinocci alias Immaterialartist, 00-IMT-CODE, immaterialist, Rec, QuadraturadelCerchio, Donatella Pinocci and other related identities represent an artistic action ofexpanded fragmentation of the figure of the artist through a choice of eteronimia. Similarly to poetry by Fernando Pessoa, who, through the proliferation of the generated personalities, comes to the author's negation; so in art, the expansion of identity tends to the rarefaction and dispersion of theego of the artist in favor of the ego. Art is thus understood as an autonomous flow of energy that is independent of the artist. The research field is spiritual, with connections to scientific theories ranging from quantum physics to theology and philosophy. Expressive means are: photos, 
photo photos, video, voice, game. 2008 - Donatella Pinocci begins an artistic research career, co-curated by curator (co-curator of 100% Periphery), preceded by work experience in the field of design and architecture. Today he continues his artistic research and teaches art and image at a public school in Rome.
Art Exibition
'19 Torre dei Templari San felice Circeo
'19 Museo Macro
'19 MadXXI Latina
'18 Raw 2018 Piazza San Salvatore in Lauro
'18 Pastificio Cerere Concorso Switch the rules
'18 Museo MadXXI Latina
'18 Museo Emilio Greco Sabaudia
'17 Tiny Biennale Tample University Roma
'17 RAW SCACCOMATTO Roma-via della Maschera d'Oro '17 Conversation Bridge with Paul Aita. Catanzaro, Monumental Complex of St. John '17 Conversation Bridge with Paul Aita. Cosenza, Mam Museum of Arts and of the Cosenza Crafts '13 Museo Bilotti Rende - 00-IMT-CODE- Rec '13 Maam (Museum of the Other and Metropolitan Metropolitan Metropolis) In this event titled "Extra-ordinary day", the following are presented: Rec ° -ArteManifesta - Immaterialist The jump line - Donatella Pinocci (co-creator) '13 Cielocondiviso '12 Palaexpo - 00-IMT-CODE Quadratonomad '12 Enel Green Power Centers Apert-Sub-00-IMT-CODE quadratonomade '09 Quartissimo Quarru Sant'Elena Museum-Artistic artist- mail Art

Co-curator of 100% PERIFERIA ( Quadratonomade: is a project run by several curators, which saw the creation and creation of a traveling museum consisting of canvas artwork. About 20 exhibitions were organized at museum facilities including: Palazzo delle Esposizioni di Roma; Scuderie Aldobrandini of Frascati; Farm Cultural Park Favara in Agrigento and several other stages including the Conservatory of Latina and the hydroelectric power plants of Enel, and then to end in 2014 at the Roberto Bilotti Museum Ruggi D'Aragona in Rende, Cosenza, entire collection of works, now in permanent exhibition. Other PERIFERIA 100% activities have been welcomed by MAAM Museum of the Other and Other of Metropoliz Rome and in 2013, in collaboration with the
Nomas Foundation, the Macro Museum of Rome. Designer Activities: References: Donatella Pinocci +393394084905
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