Alberta Piazza

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Born in Venice, complete my professional training in Milan, attending the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. Art director in the advertising sector in Milan and Rome. I have participated in numerous national and international exhibitions. I live and work between Rome and Umbria.

My work develops through the centrality attributed to the relationship between sign, color / nature, memory / representation. The suggestions and initial references of his pictorial analyzes are the motifs of the natural fragment, tree roots, interweaving of branches, wooded labyrinths. Trunk, Animal, Man are accidents of a basic structural matter that emerges compact and then ripples in the alchemy of the pigments, suggesting ambiguously evocative forms, containing figures as hypothesis of laceration or birth and also desire to escape from an abstraction reassuring. The creative process of deletions, the dissolving of the material creates an abstract alphabet signifying an inner dialogue that connects one work to another in one great generative flow.



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tecnica mista con semi-2019
SEMI VUOI BENE, mixed media with seeds on canvas, 2021 - cm 70x100
SEMIdei - chalks, iron oxides, pigments, seeds, paper on canvas, 2019 - cm 70x70
SEMI VUOI BENE, chalks, iron oxides, pigments, seeds, paper on canvas, 2021 - cm 50x70
UNO SOLO NON BASTA  (installazione precaria), 2022 - mt. 3.50x3.00 - wood, fabric, acrylic, plant parts, iron, rubber, ceramic