Micaela Legnaioli

Born in New Delhi (India) in 1970, Micaela lived in various European and South American countries until she decided to stay in Rome. From the very beginning she showed a particular sensitivity towards the figurative arts by attending courses in ceramics, sculpture and painting. He attended the European School of Mol, the School of Decoration Van der Kelen Logelain in Brussels and after graduating in Economics and Commerce began the activity of decorative painting, then the creation of jewelry with semi-precious stones and metal wires.
In 2009, she obtained a second degree in Interior Architecture with a thesis on Scenography, which took her to the renovation sites where the idea of recovering waste materials was born.

Personal exhibition "Unveiled Flowers" Artothèque de Rome - May 15 - June 15, 2013, Rome.
Solo exhibition "Il Gioco dei Sentimenti" Galleria Vittoria, Rome - 19 June - 4 July 2014.
MAIL ART in Sant'Oreste. Artistic-cultural event 2014 "Animals in the world of art". Municipal Museum of Palazzo Caccia in Sant'Oreste.
International Exhibition of Contemporary Art - 41st Sulmona Prize 2014, at the invitation of Prof. Di Genova. September 2014, Sulmona.
Solo exhibition with two "Curves and Variations", Spazio Espositivo del Teatro Centrale di Roma, 9 December 2014, Rome.
Selected for the Collective Art Competition: ARACNE - OPEN EXPO 2015 of the Lanificio di Roma sponsored by the Municipalities I, II, III, IV, V of the City of Rome and the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome. From January to July 2015.
Collective exhibition: "Get ready for Affordable Art Fair!" 11 - 22 March 2015 Galleria Vittoria, Rome.
Fair AAF - Affordable Art Fair Milan, 19 - 22 March 2015.
Solo exhibition "Impronte" Spazio Menexa, Rome - 13 - 22 May 2015.
First group show at the Scuderie Estensi in Tivoli, 1-8 October 2016, Tivoli.
Rome Art Week 2016 selected with the Preview "Signs in Time" at Studio Fenice, 27 October 2016, Rome.
Collective exhibition "ITALY-GREECE, ONE FACE ONE RACE" Avant-garde art and traditions curated by Katerina Giannaki and Fabio Milani for Rome Art Week 2017, 9 - 14 October 2017, Rome.
Project "Trace of Woman" for Rome Art Week 2017, 9 October - 3 November 2017, Prati Urbani Roma.
Collettiva "Collocazioni" Bat-Gallery/StudioMilani, 28 November - 6 December 2017, Rome.
Collective FRAGILE DIMENSION | Library Vallicelliana Rome, with HIDALGO and THE CRITICAL STARTS, January 20, 2017 - March 8, 2018, Rome.
Collective exhibition "Una Stanza piena di sé" by Eloisa Saldari | Scuderie Aldobrandini e Mura del Valadier Frascati, 10 March - 30 April 2018, Frascati.
Solo exhibition "Eleven Lives" Galleria Fidia, 11 April - 5 May 2018, Rome.
Solo exhibition "Parallel Lives" Open Art Gallery, curated by Sabrina Consolini, October 11 - December 31, 2018, Rome.

Installation "Leaves in the wind" Kou Gallery by Menexa, December 17, 2018 – January 30, 2019, Rome.

Collective for the inauguration of Kou Gallery, 9 March 2019, Rome.
Collective "Leonardo - Cinquecento" Galleria Minima, 3 - 30 September 2019, Rome.

Margaret Thatcher (150×100 cm) – 2018 Zinc plate, muriatic acid, sulphuric acid, color pigment and resin.
Marilyn (100×100 cm) – 2016  Zinc plate, muriatic acid, sulphuric acid, colour pigment and resin.
Leonardo da Vinci (135×67 cm)  2019 | Copper plate, muriatic acid, sulphuric acid, salt and resin.
Pierre Curie - Salt, muriatic acid and resin on copper (135x67cm) 2018

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