Sergio Angeli

Sergio Angeli, born in Rome on January 13, 1972, is an artist dedicated primarily to painting, but also takes care of installations and sculpture.

In 1999 he exhibited at Palazzo Barberini in Rome

In the same year he illustrated the book "The man who told strange stories" (Aletti Editore) by Daniele De Sillo.

Publish drawings and poems in the independent magazine "Animarte" and in "Rizoma".

In October 2011 he exhibited at the Villa Vecchia Museum in Villa Dora Phamphilj in Rome, an exhibition curated by Cecilia Paolini.

In 2012 he donated a work to the Italian Institute for Sex Analysis of Salerno.

In 2013 he published the book of tables and texts "This is my martyrdom", ( editions)

He creates an artist's notebook which he donates for the exhibition Taccuini d'Artista at AxA - Palladino Company at Campobasso curated by Donato Di Poce and Mauro Rea.

The same year he participated in the exhibition "Incendium" artists for city of science, at the PAN of Naples.

In July 2014 he exhibited at Foca Izmir in Turkey at "No.1 Art Gallery" personal exhibition curated by Berrin Vardar.

He exhibited at the Umberto Mastroianni Civic Museum of Marino, the Campobasso Plow, the project The matter of absence by Lorenzo Canova.

A catalog published by Rubbettino and edited by Lorenzo Canova is published for the same project.

In 2015 he donated a work to the Maam in Rome.

In October 2015, a personal exhibition entitled De-Construction "The Three-dimensionality of Form", eCampus University Rome, curated by Manuela Van.

In November 2015 he participates with his work in the T.A.M. Cagliari N.73 (Tavor Art Mobil) by Domenico "Mimmo" Di Caterino.

In 2016 he exhibited at the collective exhibition Tattoo Forever Vanitas vanitatum at the Macro Testaccio in Rome, curated by Ilaria Bandini.


From 2017 he works on the project "Lastlife" presented at the Maam in March 2018 and on that occasion he installed a pictorial work. The project involves several exhibition stages, including at Officine Nove curated by Monica Pirone. The conceptual work includes a living installation and a new large-format pictorial cycle.

In 2018 he began working with Monica Pirone on the F minor D.940 itinerant project curated by Michela Becchis. Among the exhibition stages Artgeneragallery of Brussels and Horti Lamiani Bettivò of Rome.

Later the project became a real language and the two decided to call it 4 Hands, they created an Artist Atelier at the Macro in April 2019


Permanent works at the Aratro Università del Molise - Gino Marotta Gallery, at the Maam in Rome, Horti Lamiani Bettivò in Rome, the Italian Analysis Institute of Salerno, Officinenove in Rome.

Mart of Rovereto, Gam of Rome


#00 series Contamin_action, mixed media on fabric
Dark soul, mixed media on paper
#24 serie My Angel, mixed media on fabric
Posthuman, mixed media on wood

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