Salvatore Pupillo



Pupillo is one of the most representative of the Italian painting of the generation established since the 1980s. A recent book by MaXXI, a recently inaugurated National Museum of Art of the 21st century, is one of the leading artists of the Roman cultural scene of the last 30 years "The Evanescent Border. Italian Art 1960-2010 ", edited by G. Guercio and A. Mattirolo, Electa).

Pupillo was born in Rome, where he lives and works, in 1956. His activity began in 1985 with the exhibition at Villa Corsini in Rome. In 1987 he performed his "Performance / Invasion of a Painted Canvas Roll" in Via del Babuino in Rome, in 1989 he participated in the XXXIV National Exhibition of Contemporary Art at the Civic Gallery of Termoli, in the same year he is present at the exhibition "The Sign of the difference "at the Angelus Novus Gallery, L'Aquila. In 1991, Picasso cafés, Rome, "Accumulators", exhibited a series of small canvases placed one over the other as a column introduced by Teresa Macrì's text.

In 1992 he exhibited "Proposals" at the Banchi Nuovi Gallery in Rome. His work relies on the informal current of the forties and fifties, at Fautrier Wols and Vasco Bendini. In 1997 he is present at the exhibition "Arte in Roma" former Mattatoio. Participate in numerous exhibitions abroad: Cologne Fair with Framart Gallery in Naples, "Unique Measures" at the Italian Institute of Culture in Lyon, "The Essence Project" at various Italian Cultural Institutes and "The Image interior "in Rabat, Tunis, Cairo, Beirut, Asmara, Lisbon 1998.

In 1999 with "Pupillo di chi?" He exhibited at the Cultural Association Marcello Rumma, Rome accompanied by a text by Fabio Sargentini. He is present at the Galleries "La Giulia" in Rome in 2000. In 2002 he held a staff in Jakarta: "Beyond the Form", and in 2003 he exhibited "On paper" at the Arte Moderna Architecture in Rome and "Fine twentieth century "at Palazzo Tiranni Castracane di Cagli, Pesaro. In 2007 he exhibited at the Galleria Il Narciso, Rome. In April 2010 she participates in a double personal Pupillo-Pipkin at the "Cultural Center Borges" in Buenos Aires.

He then exhibits to collective exhibitions such as "Aspects of Abstract Art in Flute Collection", Forte Malatesta (AP), October 2010 and "Art of Scene" Baccina Techne gallery in 2011. In April 2012 at the Bibliothè of Rome he exhibits with Jack Sal in a double personality titled "Itinerarium" by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo. "Spacious barefoot" collective Spazio Brancaleone by R. Gramiccia.
"A mosaic to go back" Tornareccio. 2012.
"Ludus" curated by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo Gallery "Arte Profumi" and performance at trastevere (Rome) 2012.
"Barefoot." Gallery "La Nuova Pesa" curated by Roberto Gramiccia. 2012.
"Sueno De Color" Italian Cultural Circle of Buenos Aires by Massimo Scaringella. 2012.
"The Green Dream" collective to "Nuova Agricoltura Nuova" Rome 2012.
"I Klimt". Palazzo dei Consoli, Gubbio. Introductory text by Professor Francecso Gallo Mazzeo February 2013.
"Quadratonomade" collective Sala Umberto. Rome. 2013.
"A selection of works from private Milan collections". December 2014 - January 2015. Gallery Antonio Battaglia, Milan.
"Color". Personal Circle Ministry of Foreign Affairs. January - February 2015. Presentation catalog with text by Professor Francesco Gallo Mazzeo "Murales" Guicciardini School School June 2016 "Collective" Galleria Fidia 2016 -" Materie Astratte" Circle Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 2018

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